Like most women I am a person of many titles – Wife, Mom, Career Woman, Lifestyle and Technology Blogger, Home-Based Business Owner, Hobbyist, Amateur Digital Photographer, and Perpetual Student of all things creative.

lenovo-yogapro3-1 Essentially, I am a DOer.

Because whatever the task, I do what it takes to get the job done.

Now some say I may be doing too much or I am trying to be a super woman. It may appear that way because, despite my hectic schedule, I use my downtime to do things that nurture my creative soul.

But the truth is a lot of what I accomplish is a result of the efficiency tools I choose.

The caveat, however, is the size and bulk. Most of my tools are a variety of electronic peripherals – from desktop, laptop, tablet, digital SLR, smart phone, external memory hard drive, battery juice pack, and chargers.

Apart from the desktop, I need a separate carrying case to haul them around whenever I am on the go. And believe me, this is equivalent to a 15-lb. luggage. It simply isn’t the most conducive solution. Unfortunately I can’t do without these gadgets if I am to accomplish what I need to do.

So I have been looking for a better alternative.

If only I could find an all-in-one. A portable computer that can convert into a tablet, but is light in weight, and does not compromise the hardware requirements so it can run just like my desktop. 

I know a lot of computer makers have attempted to create a hybrid solution. And as a technology-enthusiast I have tried testing a few of them (if you see stylish-looking geek at the Electronic stores during lunch hour chances are that would be me!). But most did not pass my initial test, which is the level of comfort and handle ability.

But one product did catch my eye, via the witty and charming video of actor Ashton Kutcher and that is the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3.

This stylish-looking device is very thin and has a cool watch-hinge feature that allows it to convert in 4 different ways – Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet. It is definitely sleek and attractive!

Fortunately I was in for a real treat. I received some exciting news that I was selected to be one of the bloggers to try out this convertible laptop/tablet! So if you saw a stylish-looking geek dancing the jig out in the street that would be me!!!

And so in a matter of weeks my newest tech tool arrives in the mail and I had ample time to test it out.

Here are the highlights of how the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 fared in my busy DOer lifestyle:

(1) The Cat Test

You might do a double take. The Cat Test? What exactly is that?

Well, this could possible set me apart from the other technology bloggers. Because for every new gadget I use I see how either my Calico Kiwi or my Caliby Cleo will react to it. Their mannerisms will indicate whether they predict the tool will be great, good, or so-so.


During the unboxing of the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 Calico Kiwi looked very curious. Despite her chunkiness this cat can match any Yogini in moves.

She was definitely intrigued as I unfolded and tried the 4 varying ways the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 could stand! Whoa! It has the flexibility of a cat! Calico Kiwi is impressed! So much so that she gives her very rare ‘flopping seal of a approval‘.

(2) Size, Style, and Mobility

lenovooonthego Because I work a full-time job and manage a household, every pocket of free time is reserved my creative endeavors. And this often occurs unscheduled. Which is why I need to be prepared at all times and it usually means my gadgets go where I go.

Now despite the geeky contents of my handbag, it is imperative that I sport them all with style.

This has been a challenge in the past because these peripherals are bulky and hefty, and they could either deform the shape of my bag or simply won’t fit. If it’s the latter I am completed bummed because it means I would have to carry another monstrous size bag. This does not look chic at all.

Fortunately I do not have this problem with the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3. It has an ultra thin casing at 0.5″ thick, which is thinner than the depth of a pencil! And the monitor is an ample size of 13.3 touchscreen, at 3200 x 1800 resolutionFar more impressive is the weight at only 2.6 lbs! Now do I need to carry the charger too? Not really when this gadget can deliver upto 9 hours of battery life!

So whenever I need to be on the go, I can stick my Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 in my handbag and not worry about the bulk.  Which means I can be anywhere at any time and still be able to do my work. Now this is really maximizing my time and productivity and allows me to really get my tasks list done!

(3) Amazing Electronic Note Taking

lenovo-yogapro3-2 As a creative, the old school way of brainstorming and writing out my thoughts is still prevalent in my workflow. It is what helps me nurture ideas that eventually become blog posts, DIY products, graphic designs, or photography assignments.

With the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, I have discovered note-taking and drawing apps that are simply addicting to use! The screen is receptive to my tablet stylus and finger tips, and I can create pages and pages of ideas, save them as a PDF file, or email it to myself.

It is absolutely incredible! This is one true testament of the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3‘s tablet capabilities. Not to mention that Mother Earth would love me even more now that I have done away with using hard-copy notebooks and loose leaf papers.

(4) Convertible Modes = Versatility

lenovo-yogapro3-4 With a traditional laptop, could I do all these things – Hold office in my dining area? Showcase a photography presentation in a cafe? Transact business in a social trunk show? Read a book under a tree? Or follow a DIY tutorial step by step? 

I probably could but it is too much of a hassle. Since a clamshell computer stands in limited positions I could do some of the above, but not all. If I wanted to do all I would have to bring an additional tablet. Now that is not practical at all.

That is why I absolutely love the convertible modes of the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3. Four ways to stand means versatility in use!

So can I follow another’s blogger’s kitchen recipe with ease? Definitely with the stand mode! How about digitally editing a photograph? Absolutely with the tablet mode! What about showcasing a portfolio of my work? Most impressively done with the tent mode! And for the times I wait in the car during my kid’s school events or find myself in a coffee shop with some idle time, I can prop up the laptop mode and get some work done! This is a true convertible laptop that can adopt to any situation and still deliver the kind of tool I need to be a DOer.

(5) A True Laptop With Tablet Features

lenovo-yogapro3-3 I had a friendly banter with a close techie friend who resides in Manila (he is the one who introduced me to the Internet back when it had a ton of text-based sites with very little graphics, even before the fame of the Geocities webpages! Haha! That will really bring back a lot of memories to the internet geeks!).

Our argument was simple. Can a tablet replace your laptop? I initially reasoned that it can because there are already a myriad of apps that can takeover some of the full feature software that I usually use with my desktop. However, there is the caveat of using using a 3rd-party keyboard attachment for convenience.

But after trying out the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, I had to recount. I was wrong.

I realized with a mere tablet I did not have a choice. A tablet did not have a highly capable processor, enough RAM, or the much needed hard drive space. Therefore I could not install the software that I really need, but instead I had to limit myself to whatever apps were available and use them as a mere substitute.

With Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 I had a true laptop. It had a powerful Intel Core-M processor, an 8GB DDR3L RAM memory, an amazing Intel HD5300 graphics, and a 256 GB SSD Hard Drive. These specifications even beat my existing workstation!

And because it is amazingly thin, light-weight, and has a well-designed hinge, this laptop with a 13.3 glossy touchscreen can be a tablet too! Who would then want to compromise with the limiting hardware of a tablet? Certainly not me!

So did I cower and let my friend know he is right? Let’s just say if he reads this post then he will. 🙂

There are many more reasons why I love the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, but I know this is a blog post and not a novel. So with that I leave you with an absolutely amazing treat!

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro Giveaway!


Win a Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro worth $1,499.99!!!

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    Fingers are crossed!

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  6. Stylish+Geek says:


    You need to include your Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram Account Names in your comments so I can verify if you have followed my accounts. Thank you!!!

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    I hope I win because well honestly, it’s been a rainstorm of bad things happening over here. Car problems costing an arm & a leg followed by my husband’s vehicle messing up, followed by dentist issues, horrible weather, stress about moving in 2 months & on top of it all, my laptop is slower than dirt which is a huge problem since I’m a blogger & well, you know how that goes.
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    I also follow Lenova on FB as well as on Twitter.

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    Twitter :@lchinlai
    Instagram: bacrafter

  101. Jillian Too says:

    I need a new laptop because my current one is very old and extremely slow. I would be able to use it as tablet and try out those note-taking apps you discussed.
    I follow you on I and T as socstar35 and on FB with the name in my email address. I also follow Lenovo.
    Thanks for the chance!

  102. Liza C says:

    I’d love to have this for the versatility it provides. I could us it for work on the go, entertaining the family on road trips, showing home videos to the grandparents – lots of ways! I follow you on Twitter (@LMC502), Facebook (Liza C.), and Instagram (lmc50222). Thanks!

  103. Stephen D says:

    I want the Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro for on-the-go reviewing photos I take for graphic design projects.
    Twitter: @HookedOnHarmony
    FB: Stephen.B.Donaldson
    Instagram: Bogdobbler

  104. steve weber says:

    I’ve been looking at these for a long time.. what an amazing giveaway- I would be able to balance my work life and social life with this yoga — I follow on all your social medias under groogruxking40

  105. Sze says:

    I need the yoga because I need to replace my current computer. Twitter: @asazen111 Instagram: @asazen111 Facebook: Sze cheung

  106. ashleyhewell says:

    This would make blogging so much easier!
    usernames: hewella1

  107. Rhonda G says:

    I would love this! It would be perfect to take with me when on the go! I could use it in the kitchen while cooking with that awesome tent feature!!
    Facebook-Rhonda Grisham
    Thank you!

  108. TAMARA says:


  109. Michelle S says:

    1. I follow you on Twitter @bellamichelle03
    2. I follow you on FB @Michelle Nicole
    3. I follow you on instagram @bellamichelle03
    4. I need this in my life because this insane tech piece would be most helpful in the kitchen.

  110. Love your cat photos 🙂 I would love to win the Yoga because I blog and go to school online. I’m constantly on my computer! My current laptop is a refurbished one, and it has some weird quirks… the cursor will suddenly jump from where I’m typing to another part of the screen, messing up what I’ve typed. And the funniest is that there’s no P key! There’s and extra 0 in it’s place, and it still works (obviously) but it’s a little weird 🙂

    My accounts are twitter @CraftingRain IG @steph_crafing_rain and Facebook Stephanie Paxman

    Great meeting you in Seattle last weekend too!!

  111. Trish F says:

    Hello, I follow you on Twitter (@trishden), on Facebook (Trish Froehner) and Instagram (trishden) and I need this Lenovo laptop because I don’t own a laptop and my desktop is about 5 years old and on its last leg. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  112. Alison says:

    I would love to win this so I could work from anywhere!

  113. Alison says:

    I follow you on twitter @sockmonkeydiva

  114. Alison says:

    I follow you on Facebook Alison Wood Harper

  115. Alison says:

    I follow you on instagram @alronharper

  116. Alison says:

    I follow LenovoUS on twitter @sockmonkeydiva

  117. Alison says:

    I visited LenovoUS on Facebook Alison Wood Harper

  118. Prasert says:

    I’m a chef so this would be great for recording recipes, watching videos and taking videos.

    Twitter @pruamthong
    FB: Prasert
    Instagram @pruamthong

  119. Beth Elder says:

    Need a new laptop for work – want something light, tablet would be great too!

  120. geanine says:

    I have been following along on social media and I am intrigues by the Yoga 3. I know my son would love to win it, it would really help him with his active lifestyle and documenting everything for his blog in style 🙂

  121. estereoj says:

    I follow on twitter @estereoj facebook Ethan Janke I dont have instagram.

    I would love to win this so that I can have a personal laptop. Right now all I have is a work computer.

  122. tweetyscute says:

    My kids would love to have a family computer for their homework and movie time.

  123. Kim Kihega says:

    I would love to own this! I love the slim design for easy transportation.

  124. Kim Kihega says:

    I need to correct my post. I would love to own this! I love the slim design for easy transportation.

    Also follow on Facebook as Kimberly Hall Kihega and instagram as kikihega


    I would like to have this to do research (work) and for household and personal use- for gathering recipes for our family , organizational needs and planning.

    visited Lenovo on facebook and follow lenovo as

  126. Danielle says:

    I commute via public transit and would love to have a lightweight laptop/tablet hybrid like this so that I could get work done on the train! (Following via twitter (@daniellespinato), Instagram (@daniellemspinato), and Facebook (Danielle Spinato).)

  127. Laura Royal says:

    I would love this for running our business on the go, staying more organized, and doing creative things with the kids! I follow on twitter and instagram as @laroyal06, facebook as Laura Royal Stitzer

  128. latanya t says:

    I want to win because my current laptop is getting older and slower. I need something lightweight and easy to carry around.
    ig- @sweetums82
    fb- latanya thornhill

  129. Jennifer W says:

    I’ve been wanting a portable device but had been shying away from tablets because they needed separate keyboards and/or didn’t have all the full functionality of a computer I needed. This would fit the bill perfectly!

    Twitter: @MissMnemosyne
    FB: Jennifer Larp
    Instagram: GeekChicMama

  130. I need something lightweight since I am having shoulder surgery tomorrow, this rocks because it is flexible, thin, and light-all things I need. Plus the projection feature is a big plus, I will be watching lots of TV and Netflix in the next 12 weeks so this will make the time go by quicker.

    Instagram ID micaela6955
    Twitter ID micaela6955
    FB: Michele Pineda

  131. Randa says:

    The projector on the Yoga would be great for family movie night.
    All except Facebook are @rghiemke
    FB Randa Evans Hiemke

  132. Katie S says:

    I would LOVE to win this laptop. I’m starting a new business, working on a plan and I feel like this is something that would help me be more productive, professional, and positive. My body is this Sunday and this would be an amazing gift. I follow on twitter (@katiesantos), fb Katie Santos, and Instagram (@katiechile). Thank you, thank you, thank you for this chance!!

  133. Marie says:

    I would use this a lot during my summer abroad trip. I’m going to keep a daily blog of my international travels! I don’t currently have a laptop

    twitter @mijulinmarie
    FB Marie
    Instagram @mijulin

  134. vsudarsan says:

    Wow! what a nice giveaway! I follow you in all your social media’s and like your blog 🙂

  135. Sarah Oswald says:

    1.Twitter @sally06301
    2.Facebook Sarah Scott Oswald
    4. I would love to win this awesome laptop since my computer is old and slow and I would love to own this one it
    is a wonderful piece of technology. Thanks for the chance to win!!
    5. visited and follow Lenovo on twitter and face book too.

  136. Laura S says:

    I love how versatile this notebook is! I could take with me anywhere which would really help me stay organized. I follow on twitter (@pantherpaw327) and on FB (Laura Sloan) and on IG (@pantherpaw327) I visited Lenovo on FB and follow on twitter.

  137. orchidlady01 says:

    I follow on Twitter as @orchidlady01.

  138. orchidlady01 says:

    I like on Facebook as SusanPertierra.

  139. orchidlady01 says:

    I follow you on Instagram as orchidlady01.

  140. orchidlady01 says:

    The Lenovo Yoga 3 would be great for taking on the road as a laptop and a tablet to blog, do sweeps, check emails, video and photograph, as well as setting up an Etsy account. I like the versatility and the different features it has.

  141. orchidlady01 says:

    I like Lenovo US on Facebook as SusanPertierra and follow on Twitter as @orchidlady01.

  142. Michele says:

    Wow–all I have is a desk top–but it looks like someone finally came out with something I can use as well without losing my mind–I am not at all techy. Have to check this out some more.

  143. The Kiwi cat test is very interesting, you definitely set yourself apart from other tech bloggers.

  144. Hey lady! What a fabulous giveaway! I would love the Lenovo to upgrade my blogging tech game – I love how thin it is. It’s so impressive! I hope I win! 🙂 🙂

    Twitter: @ASideofSweet
    Instagram: @ASideofSweet
    Facebook: KellyEgan/ASideofSweet

  145. Brian says:

    My laptop is old, slow and crashes frequently. A new laptop would help greatly. It would make me more productive and help keep me better organized. The YOGA 3 Pro looks like a great choice!

    Facebook Brian Dadey
    Twitter @BrianDadey

  146. Mark G says:

    I would love to have a laptop and tablet in one!! It would make me more mobile and organized in my personal and professional tasks.

    Twitter & IG: mgilbert56347
    FB: /mark.gilbert.319

  147. Breanna says:

    I plan on starting a blog and my computer is so old >.< I think this would be perfect to help me get started.

    Twitter: @SinCityBre
    Ig: @sin_city_bre
    FB: Breanna Fedor

  148. I Want The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 so that I can upgrade my computer. This will help me in blogging.
    Twitter: @SusieQpon
    Instagram: susieqpons
    Facebook: Susies Reviews and Giveaways

  149. Anita Utami says:

    Wonderful, wonderful laptop! As a blogger myself, I always need a tablet that can perform like a laptop. Often times I have to work outside of the house. With a toddler in tow, I need something light for my tablet, because I am already carrying a diaper bag, my purse, my toddler’s toys, and pushing a stroller! The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 will help my productivity, and it won’t hurt my shoulder because it is lighter than a laptop.

    Thank you for the chance 🙂

    Twitter: @OneSleepyMommy
    IG: @OneSleepyMommy
    FB: Anita Utami

    Followed Lenovo US on Twitter and FB too.

  150. Kimmy Ripley says:

    Facebook follower! (Kimmy Ripley)
    I have never owned a laptop but would love one! Thanks for the chance~!! I think the portability is an awesome feature.

  151. Right now, I am fighting my husband and two teenage sons for the use of the laptop, so being able to have my own would be so awesome for my blog business!

    FB: MakingOurLifeMatter2012
    Twitter: @JenatMOLM
    Instagram: MakingOurLifeMatter

    Following Lenovo US on Twitter and FB too!

  152. Ashley says:

    I would love to win this just to be able to be more mobile. Right now my laptop has to stay plugged in constantly and there are so many things I’d love to be able to do while on the go. I love how versatile it is! Followed with ashleymccardia on insta, ashleykristinem on twitter and ashley kristine mccardia on facebook. 😀

  153. I have a touch screen laptop and although it is cool to be able to use it as either a laptop or tablet, it can get so annoying. My little guys love to touch the screen while I’m working and then all hell breaks lose!


  154. Jet Slundr says:

    I need the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 to simplify y life, im horrible in organizing and remembering stuff so this is a NEED. i want to own one so i can have fun with my sons and keep up with what’s new tech wise :). following you in all! Twitter (@myfroject), Facebook (Jet Slundr), And Instagram (@frugaliscious)

  155. robin mcdowell says:

    @TweetieBird43 I would love to have one so my daughter could get help doing her homework and I could use it to plan out meals and do all my budgeting

  156. Priya Arickanatt says:

    I really want to win this because my tablet is broken and laptop is not working. Its hard to get organized without these. I really love the features of Yoga 3 tablet. My daughter will enjoy projector feature, it will be so much fun.
    Facebook name: Priya Arickanatt
    Twitter : @priya_arick
    Instagram: @priya.arick

  157. Jamie says:

    I would love to have this to give my son as a gift when he graduates! Here is my info:

  158. JoAnna says:

    I would love this because my computer is on its last leg and I need a new computer for work. This is also ideal for traveling, so it would be a huge help to me!

    FB: JoAnna Carpentier
    Insta: HiiImIcarus
    Twitter: HiiImIcarus


  159. Andrew Hall says:

    I need this Yoga Pro 3 because my wife stole mine.
    Instagram ajhall62
    twitter @AJayHall62
    Facebook Andy Hall

  160. Julia says:

    I’d love to have this because I’m in need of something that will travel well.

  161. This tablet looks awesome. I totally love that it is so conventional. I think i NEED THIS!!

  162. Abby says:

    I really want this laptop because the one I have now is 9 years old and barely works!

    Twitter: @just4gaily
    Facebook: Abby Leigh
    Instagram: abbys_inspirations

  163. Trinh L. says:

    I want this Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 because it’s flexible to work with and I never tried a tablet before, it would be interesting to see how it works. I think I need it more.


    Twitter: @soleilfaerie

    FB: / Trinh Lam

    IG: @femme_miao

  164. I need to win this! I love everything about it! I love how transitional it is and that it would meet my needs in everyday life. I need serious help getting and staying organized and this would be perfect, not to mention that my old laptop is on it’s death bed.
    Fb: Carrie Conrad
    Twitter: Carrie_con
    Instagram: Cakyjo

  165. Lalena says:

    I love that it’s so versatile and portable!
    Twitter: @firewoodjanke
    Facebook: Lalena Janke
    Instagram: @lalenaskye

  166. Analisa says:

    It seems like it’d be great for traveling…especially with kids!

  167. DT says:

    I have been thinking of getting something like this- easy to carry, more than just a tablet, and the best part is being able to take notes and doodle.
    – DT | Here I Scribble

  168. Stacey Yeager says:

    I would love to win this because my laptop is dying and I do not own a tablet.
    Twitter: AGYsmama
    Facebook: Stacey Lentz Yeager
    Instagram: babyhawke84

  169. Elizabeth O. says:

    You had me with that cat! The thing I like is writing and drawing there.

  170. Russ R. says:

    I love its versatility and the size. It’s perfect for doers ( like you & me ) and multi-taskers. Too bad I’m not in the US and can’t participate in the giveaway.

  171. fay yeung says:

    I need the Yoga because I need a new computer. Twitter: @fay_yeung Instagram: @tamer001000 Facebook: Fay yeung

  172. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I need this in my life to bring to classes. I hate lugging my laptop! Fb fan-amanda sakovitz, twitter follower aes529, instagram follower pokergrl8. Thank you!!

  173. This would me an amazing treat and I also love the fact it would fit in my purse. Thank you for this chance. @islandkimmi on twitter Kimberly Snyder on Facebook and no Instagram.

  174. *Sob* I am from the UK! This is such an amazing prize here! Goodluck to everyone.

  175. Ayana Pendergrass says:

    I really want this because I’ll be going to graduate school and this would come in handy for various projects!!
    Twitter: @AyEll922
    Facebook name: Ayana Pendergrass
    I.G. @yana_bea

  176. I follow on twitter @philanthropicHR

  177. What an amazing prize! I would love that laptop to help me keep track of all our new business expenses and orders! It’s amazing how much work starting something new is! (I follwed twit @la_murano, FB: Lisa Murano, IG just_lisann)

    Thanks for hosting!

  178. What an awesome giveaway! I heard so much about the brand but personally haven’t tried any of their products yet. Looks good.

  179. Ellie Blankenship says:

    I need this for all the reasons you mentioned especially want to use at my KEEP Socials!
    Twitter: @elliebstl
    Instagram: elliebstl
    Facebook: Ellie Blankenship

  180. Chrissy says:

    Wow! You really broke it all own, didn’t you? Sounds like an amazing product! I’ve had my eye on the Surface for a while, but this looks a gaillion times better! My laptop is like 6 years old… and it’s time for a new one!
    FB- Chrissy Jordan
    Twitter- 21randomblog
    Instagram- parlocosmetics

  181. Rachel B says:

    This looks amazing! I would love to have it for my Keep business. I was just telling my hubby the other day that I would like to get a tablet. This seems way better!!!

  182. Lisa Thibodeaux says:

    Oh I so need this. My laptop broke so I’m doing everything on my phone (so not a good way) and struggling with it. But I refuse to give up.
    @1stressedmoma twitter
    1stressedmoma Facebook and instagram email

  183. Jessica Medina says:

    1. I am now following @StylishGeek on Twitter.
    2. I liked the Stylish Geek Facebook page.
    3. I am following @StylishGeekBlog on Instagram.
    4. I need/want a Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 because it looks freaking amazing! I love that it is so lightweight and that it is a tablet too! My laptop just broke and after I took it to be repaired I thought it would work. So I booted it up at an internet cafe and it started flashing and then turned off. If I get picked I will do the biggest happy dance anyone has ever seen!!

    Twitter: @JJMedina5
    Facebook: Jessica Medina
    Instagram: JJMedina5

    5. I liked Lenovo US and followed @LenovoUS.

    Pretty pretty please pick me- I know my cats Puffy and Teddy would approve of the Lenovo Yoga Pro3!!

  184. ktlwalker says:

    Great giveaway! I would use a Lenovo Yoga 3 for writing notes, blogging, and writing my novel. It looks amazing!
    Twitter: @ktlwalker, Facebook: Katy Walker, Instagram: @schnooks88

  185. Jill adler says:

    Let’s see, my POC Asus laptop just got sent back for repairs for the third time andit’s gotten to the point where I wasn’t even using it because I couldn’t trust that it wouldn’t break down on me. I’m frustrated doing all my work from home on a smartphone. The Yoga would be the absolute zen for my situation!

    My fb is Melody Walden
    Twitter @pcskigal
    Instagram pcskigal

  186. Victoriana V says:

    I need one of these because my old bulky netbook is on its last legs. Thanks for the opportunity to win. (Vic Ver). I don’t have any other accounts.

  187. Amazing giveaway……… thanks for the chance…
    If i had a chance to win, I would use it for everything, as a mom, i love social media because you’re always on the know of everyday life. I usually stalk twitter (Ha,HA) to follow my favorite brands and blogs. I’m always looking for healthy and easy recipes to make for my family. I also use Facebook and Skype to share pictures and videos to my family in Mexico. I know it would come to good use for my diy’s I make at home and share. 
    Following on Twitter via @danitapia88_dt, FB: Daniela Tapia & IG: @danitapia88 ………….

  188. Melissa says:

    As a blogger, I would love to have something new to keep things organized. Right now I am using my laptop that use to be my father in laws computer while sharing it with my daughter. Crazy right? How do I ever get anything done, you ask? Well, very slowly! LOL Seriously the memory was taken before I ever even received it and now my food photos have to compete with webkinz graphics and other kid stuff before being saved. I constantly have to make the decision, should i delete my daughters graphic she made or can i save this pic monkey photo I need for a post? LOL I need a new pc, even if I don’t win this one, I am going to look into a Yoga Pro 3, for sure! My Blog Depends on it! I follow on Twitter as @30supermom and instagram as thirtysomethingsupermom and Facebook as Melissa Dixon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. Meghann Johnson says:

    I would use it for my new Keep Collective business and to help keep track of my 3 kiddos busy schedules!

    Twitter: @meghann_710
    Facebook: Meghann Johnson
    Instagram: meghann710

  190. giantsis says:

    I’d like to win to surprise my friend with a new laptop! She has recently become a realtor and needs the freedom and flexibility the Lenovo Yoga would provide her – and hopefully help her sell a TON of houses! I follow you on twitter (@giantsis), instagram (giantsis), Facebook (liz newsome).

  191. yael says:

    Although I do not have a cat, I need this in my life because I work full-time, I’m a mother of 3 little girls and need to get a lot of ish done. It will allow me keep track of schedules, activities, work, my own personal interests and use my phone as an actual phone.

    twitter: yaelcamp
    facebook: yael campbell
    instagram: yaelca

  192. icefairy says:

    I’d like one because my current laptop is too outdated. I follow you on Twitter (@luckytoddler), FB (Bing Y) and Instagram (iicefairy)

  193. I would love to have one like this one. I am glad it passed the cat test as i do have one too

  194. I want one because mine is on its last legs and this is just what I need in a new one.

    Facebook name : Gabriella Muka

  195. Julie says:

    twitter @showstopper474
    FB: Julie Raye Rod
    Instagram @showstopper474

    This would be great for my gymnastics meets! I’d love to use it for homework and for video analysis

  196. Lisa Palanca says:

    This would be so awesome for my recipe blog and developing my business! My instagram is @monalisetta, teitter is @LishSF, fb is thanks!

  197. carol clark says:

    I need one cause im working on a dell that blue screen crashes everyother day and im not able to get one but anyways my daughter could look for school’s she would like to attend when she finishes school next year her birthday is tomorrow and id be able to do some work properly and it would be a blessing @lovethewater9

  198. Jason says:

    This an absolute must for any tech-savvy individual! I would love to use this as a replacement for the laptop my 3-year old destroyed. :/

    Twitter: zerochimp
    Instagram: zerochimp
    Facebook: acidicwind

    Good luck, everyone!

  199. Christina Z says:

    I followed on twitter,facebook and instagram chrissiemz is my username and this is amazing giveaway I could really use to be able to go from laptop to tablet. I love the notetaking and how easy to hang whereever while you do stuff is amazing.

  200. rusthawk says:

    I love this Lenovo because it’s so sleek, portable, versatile, and makes my old clunker look like a dinosaur. It would be perfect for following along on recipe tutorials in the kitchen, skyping and chatting with my daughter, and helping me keep up with my research, pleasure reading, and social media.

    facebook – Rust Hawk
    instagram – rusthawk1
    twitter – @rusthawk

  201. Leila says:

    As a blogger, business owner, and business manager – this would make my life so much easier! I could manage all of my business duties on the go!

    Facebook: Leila M Brenner
    Twitter: @lifeasleels
    IG: @expparenthood

  202. Thomas Murphy says:

    I want the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 because my laptop is old and slow and this one would be perfect!
    facebook- Thomas Murphy
    twitter- @thomasmurphy40
    instagram- rounder9834

  203. Asia Evans says:

    I really want this laptop because I need it for school and college.

    Facebook: Asia Evans
    Twitter: Melodeiia

  204. kira says:

    The cat test lol. I LOVE it lol. The tablet looks awesome too.

  205. Jessica CG says:

    I would love to get it to give to my parents since their laptop is about 6 years old and barely running anymore.

    I don’t have Twitter
    Instagram username: jmcg1109

  206. I would LOVE the Yoga 3 Pro because it’s a fabulous machine, and because my son Febreezed my previous laptop to death (basically). Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    Twitter- @butterflyrouge
    Facebook: M.J. Moore
    Instagram: @silvertapestry

  207. Jaime says:

    I have a similar table/laptop and I love it! This Lenovo looks amazing! Good luck to those who are entering

  208. Wendy Pesce says:

    This would be so awesome to win as of lately my old laptop is running very slow!
    Twitter :@savingwithwendy
    Facebook: Wendy Pesce
    Instagram: suzannep29
    Thanks so much for the great giveaway and chance to win. Good luck everyone

  209. firstcomesfamilyblog says:

    twitter& instagram- @1stcomesfamily FB-shay washington I want this because it is so cool and so versatile. It would definitely simplify life for me.

  210. This would make my life so much simpler and a huge help with my eBay sells. I mostly use my smart phone and it can really be a pain. Great Blog and contest. My FB is Marilyn Angela Holt, Twitter and Insta is MarilynAngela41 Thank you!

  211. Christine M says:

    I need the yoga 3 because I have the yoga 2 and it is all scratched up, missing a piece and a screw…my kids love banging on it! Oh, and I have dropped it a few times…shhh, don’t tell my husband, he bought it for me.

    Twitter @mamapapabarn (changing to @greenmomhacks in May)
    Instagram @greenmomhacks

  212. We have an ipad but these look so cool and I had no idea it did all that it can do. Can I get a refund for my ipad, please? Ha.

  213. Shawna says:

    I’d Love a new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro because the different modes of tablet, stand and tent would help me to be more productive and multi-task more and I’d be able to use it easily in all areas of the house and outside the house too instead of being bogged down with a heavy laptop. Thanks for the amazing giveaway 🙂 I follow on twitter and instagram as @luvtodream86 and I follow on facebook as

  214. slehan says:

    I need this because all I have is a desktop computer and want to become untethered.
    Thanks for the contest.

    Twitter follow you: slehan
    FB like you: Slehan
    Instagram follow: slehan2

    slehan at juno dot com

  215. Nicole R says:


    It was great meeting you at SoFabUOTR this past weekend. I have literally written this blog comment several times over the past few days and have deleted it each time. You mention in your directions to tell you why the “Winner” wants to win the laptop. My answer is not brief, but for the sake of your time I will attempt to shorten it.

    I have following your social media accounts from mine and have even followed Lenovo

    Twitter: @Nickelnm
    Facebook: Nicole R
    Instagram: @Nickelnm

    My main job throughout the year is as an accountant/manager for a national retail tax company. When April 15th – 20th comes I am generally laid off or cut back to part time. The part time part is relatively easy to deal with and get through. The 100% laid off part is not so easy; and that is the case this year. Due to restrictions from within Affordable Care Act our HR has determined that all part-time or seasonal employees must be full terminated from the system for a minimum of 13 weeks. I am one of those employees and was given less than 24 hours notice of this happening; a dramatic change from previous years.

    During the “off season” to continue to fully support my family by completing odd jobs online from home and those in-person that offer a flexible schedule. Something which is my laptop is an integral part of securing the placements as well as completing the work and subsequently reporting. Well, My almost 4 year old HP is finally going to Laptop heaven. For the past 2.5 years the battery has refused to hold a charge for longer than 10 minutes and for the past 12 months the internal fan has stopped working. This means that I can do 1 of two things. I can either use the computer for about 15 minutes before it overheats and forces a shut down. If I wish to use it more than the 15 minutes I have to get rice packs from the freezer and place it on the bottom of the laptop where it gets the hottest. If I can stop the laptop from overheating and am plugged into the charge the full time I can generally work on it about 2-3 hours before it just refuses to work.

    In addition to the laptop issues we struggle with my youngest son was born with kidney issues which generally results on multiple doctors appointments every month resulting in lost of lost work time at the hospital. The hospital does have WiFI available, but since my current laptop requires 100% charging cord and electricity I am not able to be mobile such as I would like.

    I am currently seeking fulltime; year round employment that would allow me the flexibility I need to be able to meet the health needs of my youngest child. Having a highly portable fully working laptop is a necessity to that search

    The current HP I own is actually the 2nd HP laptop, both of which suffered from battery issues (failure to hold a charge) at about the 18 month mark. Any laptop I own is my main method of connecting online as I did away with a desktop many years ago.

    I have agonized over which new laptop to purchase and several months about spend almost an hour discussing laptops with a Best Buy computer expert. At the end of the chat the 2 he recommended for my needs in processing speed and portability were the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the Yoga Series of Laptops; both of these are in the $900 – $1200 range in price tag.

    Something I simply can’t work into my existing budget without pulling from another area with going from full time to no time instead of the planned full time to part time. The ASUS laptop which I had brought with me to SoFabUOTR was actually a loaner given to me to utilize short term.

    Winning a Lenovo Yoga Series laptop computer would allow me to gain back my productivity. It would allow me to work whenever time allows instead of only when the conditions are right. It would increase my productivity as I would not have to constantly worry about the computer randomly shutting down in the middle of an active project. It would allow me to continue to chase my dream of working full time from home while being able to be the sole provider for my 2 kids.

    Have a GREAT DAY and happy blogging! By your review and the information I have gleaned from computer guys at Best Buy it looks like my days of owning an HP laptop are going away and I will continue to work towards my goal of having a laptop that works for me and my lifestyle and it looks like the Lenovo Yoga Series is that tool needed.

  216. Deborah Cochran says:

    My laptop screen is cracked and so am using my old 19″ TV for a monitor. The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 would be a blessing!

    Twitter: @lilducks5
    Facebook: Debbie Cochran
    Instagram: lilducks5

  217. I am the ultimate Busy DOer! This is the Tablet was made for me! Love the Cat test couldn’t even enter this contest if it would have failed tgd cat test! I LOVE the note taking and drawing feature this would save me for school and So many situations! And it is Very Versatile! Come on who wouldn’t LOVE the functionality of this bad boy! From projecting art on my wall to paint to trying out my next Pinterest fail project, this tablet is so much more than your everyday tablet! Lenovo rocked it and truly got this one right! If I win this I cannot even tell you how overjoyed I will be! My busy life could use a little functionality in it! Thank you thank you for the chance and my fingers are crossed!
    Twitter @MakingMOMMYHOOD
    Instagram @jenileonard89
    Facebook Jeni Leonard
    Following you everywhere and this would be perfect for me to grow my new blog PLEASE consider me! Thanks!, Jeni

  218. pcaradonna says:

    I would love to win this amazing laptop. I need something portable for camping monthly and traveling on the weekends.
    Twitter: @pcaradonna
    Instagram: pcaradonna1
    Facebook: patricia brousseau caradonna

  219. jeannine s says:

    I need to upgrade my tech to something faster and lighter. this would also be awesome for our long drive when we move in a couple of months.

    Twitter and Instagram is Mellanhead
    Facebook is Jeannine Drenchek-Scavo

  220. robin mcdowell says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter as her 18th birthday is coming up and she could really use this for school.
    twitter @TweetieBird43
    instagram robindmcdowell3
    facebook robin dewitt mcdowell

  221. clarissa says:

    I need this amazing table because it’s super fast, portable and would help me be able to work (and play!) from anywhere!
    Twitter (@clarissa_xplain)
    Instagram (Clarissaexplain)
    Facebook (Clarissa Laskey)

  222. My mom’s finally agreed to give up her dinosaur of a desktop and try a tablet – I’d love to win this for her. Thanks for the chance.

    FB: Stephanie Martin Patrick
    Insta: stephanie_nola
    Twitter: @stephanienola

  223. Amanda Murphy says:

    This is an amazing machine! I would use this gem to grow my business… thank you for the opportunity to win!
    Twitter: @liquid_script
    Instagram: mandiesue98
    FB: Amanda Murphy

  224. I’d love to win the Lenovo Yoga 3 because I think its a fantastic laptop that can also easily double as a tablet when you just want to kick back and enjoy content….not to mention its amazing screen and design!

    twitter: @Snowx2k5
    facebook: Neil Tomlinson
    Instagram: Snowx2k

    Thanks for this chance! 😀

  225. denidtigner says:

    My reasons for wanting to win this is two-fold. I would really appreciate this Flexible Yoga as I have some physical limitations and the current laptop I have is older and very heavy for me to carry and use in some positions and second is if I do win one my laptop will go to my Mom-it has a huge screen and would be easier for her to see what she is doing-we share at this point. Thank you so much for this opportunity and congrats to who does win! 🙂

    Instagram- dtigner65
    twitter- denidtigner

    and I have been following Lenova on Facebook and twitter for awhile.

  226. I NEED the Lenovo Yoga for days when I’m out all day and need to write up posts! I can’t carry aropund a heavy laptop and diaper bag anymore!

    Twitter: @NewMommyBliss
    Facebook: Shirley Eliza Martinez
    Instagram: Crafty_Mommy_Blogger

  227. I would love to have a new laptop because I am a new mom and my laptop called it quite a few weeks ago!
    Facebook name: Liberty Thompson
    Instagram and Twitter: liberty_ct

  228. David Holder says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter so she could use it for college. This would be perfect for her!
    Following on Twitter as @dholder3, on instagram as @davidholder3, and FB as David Holder

  229. I am following you on Twitter (@Krissy_r)

  230. Following you on Instagram (krissyar)

  231. Ida Arias says:

    I would love this for my husband. He is an architect and this is exactly what he needs!!
    FB Idalmis Arias
    Twitter & IG. scggirl

  232. danielle magee @dmagee32 says:

    I would love to be able to take this lightweight versatile tablet/laptop with me when i travel every weekend! Having the luxury of a computer keyboard when needed and the ease of a tablet would be amazing!

  233. Perlita Mata says:

    I would love to win this laptop because in August I will be starting my 2 year journey to earn my Masters Degree!! I am very excited to continue my education goals and having Lenovo at my side during those writing assignments, it would make my life so much easier. I am in love with this Yoga Pro 3! Thank you for the amazing opportunity!
    facebook follower : perlita mata
    twitter follower : @perlaxx80
    Instagram follower: @lasilent99

  234. I need this because, like you, I work a full-time job and manage a household! I also write up reviews and do work for my husband’s clients – I NEED something like this because I can’t carry around something big and bulky all day! thanks so much for the awesome opportunity 🙂 PS: I follow you on fb (Renee Anastasia Chapman), twitter (ReneeAChapman) and IG (reneeachapman)

  235. I want it! How fun!

    FB: Angie G.
    Twitter/IG: mysocalledchaos

  236. This Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 looks like exactly what I need. My old, bulky, heavy and slow laptop is entering her last days and I need to make the switch soon. I work a full-time job and juggle writing and studying on the side. This would be ideal for my commute and upcoming night classes! I also never win these things, but it’s worth a shot. 🙂

    FB: Cristina Maria Nogueras
    IG/Twitter: @cmnoguer

  237. Ashley says:

    I NEED this Lenovo Pro 3 for my sanity! I am a young professional and always on the run. It would be great to have something that I can send emails on the fly from, make impromptu presentations to investors and take pictures while traveling for work. Major plus that this can just go right into an over-sized purse or my work bag (no more carrying annoying, bulky laptop cases). Definitely a great investment in my eyes!

    fb (Ashley Blanco)
    twitter (powerswedding16)
    IG (powerswedding2016)

  238. cece says:

    HI I am Cece Twitter Hoiwoon. I would love the Yoga 3 for making a living. I want to day trade from a laptop so I can be anywhere and check whats going on in the market. I hope to be one of the first female success stories of someone going from rags to riches all on their own.

  239. Brenda says:

    Hey Cara! The Yoga 3 looks awesome and would be great to help me run my small business and blog from anywhere! With a baby on the way and a scheduled c-section I know that the only way I will be able to keep up with work in design and blogging is something as convertible as this. My office is downstairs and I have a desktop so I won’t be able to use it very often after my surgery. Other than that, having that flexibility to be able to work from anywhere in my house and when I go on vacation would be so beneficial. Thanks for the opportunity!

  240. Tricia Gilbert says:

    I would love this for my family!

  241. Lisa Riggs says:

    I have a blog and a Youtube channel, so Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 would help me with scheduling, coming up with ideas, writing blog posts, updating social media, etc. I love how sleek it’s design is, which makes it great for on-the-go or travel! The note taking feature is AMAZING, and I could really use it! I also how it can convert to different positions 🙂 Btw, your cat test was hilarious! My Twitter & Instagram handles are both @LoveliChannel, and my Facebook name is Lisa Marie Riggs.

  242. Lesa Moats says:

    I need one for my daughters homeschooling.

  243. kymi a says:

    Lenovo Technology is truly amazing! I’d love to win the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, because I sold my business to full time care for my mother in law and I wanted to blog about caregiving & support others in this hard but heart filled job we do. My computer now is trying to get to tech heaven lol, so this would be a huge help to win. Plus all the extra features that this has will be so fun with my family to do DIY projects, especially the projector & more. Thank you for a great review!

    I am following you on twitter @kymnasium, FB Kymi.adams, IG sun_surf_n_sparkles.

  244. 1. Followed @StylishGeek On twitter – @yoursnminerours

    2. Follow Stylish+Geek On facebook – Tammy Northrup

    3. Follow @StylishGeekBlog On instagram – @yoursandmineareours

    4. Let Me Know Why You Need/Want The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3! – Oh the things I could do with this! I love how versatile it is.

    5. Make Sure To Visit Lenovo US On Facebook And Follow @LenovoUS On Twitter – Done and done 🙂

  245. First thank you for sharing this review and giveaway. Sharing is caring!
    Twitter @exotic1
    Facebook Rhonda Martin
    Instagram (had to use my phone) is imexotic1
    I don’t just want this Lenovo YOGA I need it. I currently own a Lenovo that I purchased 8yrs ago and it is so old I’m running Vista. This has been the best purchase I have ever made and served me well. So well in fact that I didn’t want to upgrade because I couldn’t find anything I liked as well until today. The Lenovo YOGA is amazing. It has so many wonderful features like the hinge, hanger and projector. They thought of it all. My current Lenovo I bought online years ago has out performed many many other laptops. My sister has gone through 3 in the time I’ve had this one so I’m impressed with Lenovo. However, it’s so old I can’t even use instagram because I don’t have apps or windows. I also have maxed it out to the point that It keeps popping up with a box that says I have low disc space. Not to mention it freezes from plug in failures. To own the new Lenovo YOGA would be a dream. That’s why I have knick named it the Dream Machine! Thanks again for sharing it with us!

  246. Stephen Radford says:

    I would love one because I work in IT for a big hospital chain in Texas and I can work form anywhere I am. with the built in projector it would turn any meeting into a conference room in seconds. I could show my bosses and coworkers how all Servers are working with high detail and no fumbling around for a cord to the projector or hoping it works this time. The basing fast speed of the processor would let me know I can get my work done and not have to wait on my current slow computer to catch up. I would be the king of the work space lol Second reason si I have a 9 almost 10 year old stepdaughter at home. We have an old computer I built up for her to use but it is getting to slow for her now and she is getting more and more homework she must complete on a computer. I know this will just get tougher int he years to come as she writes more reports and spends hours researching. she can then show her presentations at home to see how they will look on the big screen at school. We would also use it to kick back and relax watching a movie across the wall in stunning HD. There is so many reasons I would love a Yogo pro 3 and I have wanted one since the day I first read about it. would be a blessing to who ever win. Good luck all

    Twitter @stephen_radford FB Stephen.a.radford Instagram stephenradford1981

  247. Kathleen says:

    I followed on Twitter – @JT2ofusanddeals

    I followed on Facebook – Kathleen Porteous

    I followed on Instagram – @kport207

    I would like to win because my laptop is old and super heavy and bulky and I need a new one for while I am on the go. This looks great!

    I visited Lenovo on FB and Followed Lenovo on Twitter – @JT2ofusanddeals

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  248. Karrie says:

    twitter: KMillheim609
    FB: Karrie Millheim
    instagram: KMillheim609
    I would love to win because I would love to blog with it. It is so sleek and the design is perfect for my needs

  249. Michelle Washburn says:

    Thanks for the chance to win I like you on Facebook as Michelle Washburn on Twitter as @tweeteeface and on Instagram as @tweeteeface

  250. Nicole Diaz says:

    This 2 in 1 would be the ultimate work power tool! Nicole Diaz on Facebook @thefunthusiast on Twitter & Instagram. 🙂

  251. Carpe Diem says:

    I would love to have a Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 as it would allow me to teach my kids. I would download educational apps. It would be great to project the educational apps so that both my kids would be able to watch. They would not have to fight as both could see the screen thanks to the projector.

    It would be nice to teach the kids a new language. There are so many apps to do that. Having Math apps would be a great benefit!

    Having Google maps would great to teach the kids geography

    Thanks for the chance.

    My Twitter ID: @VinVinPhilly

  252. I would love to win this laptop because mine is currently broken :\

    Twitter: ItsEMT

  253. Love how versatile it is, but he projector feature is just plain awesome! My whole family would benefit from this beauty.

    Twitter @laladass
    Facebook: laura dassance
    Instagram: ljh3822

  254. Thanks for the giveaway, Cara! I think the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro would be awesome to travel with since it’s like a tablet and laptop in one. 🙂

    Facebook: Jenn Haskins
    Twitter: @hellorigbyblog
    Instagram: @hellorigby


  255. Sharon says:

    I would want the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, because I will be entering medical school later this year. I think this would be the perfect laptop for classes, and working on the go.

    Facebook: Sharon Jude
    Twitter: @SharonSweeps
    Instagram: @SharonSweeps

  256. Ashley Nicole says:

    I need a new laptop because my laptop bit the dust and I’m using my moms old, light pink laptop that is ancient… It’s truly painful how slow it is. Haha, so winning this would make my life!That and it just looks amazing! If I don’t Win, I defintely have something to save up for!

    Twitter: @gatheringbeauty
    Instagram: @ashleyterrago
    FB: Ashley Nicole

  257. susitravl says:

    I need this because my current laptop is TERRIBLE – slow, slow, slow! My user name on Twitter & Instagram is susitravl. FB Name is Susan Christy.

  258. Tina Reynolds says:

    I would love to win this amazing flexible laptop/tablet my current laptop is slow and out of date it was nothing special to begin with a day after thanksgiving cheap special. The Lenovo has every feature I have ever dreamed of and more. I am really impressed I could take anywhere with me on the go seems so portable.
    twitter: @eaglesforjack
    instagram eaglesforjack
    facebook: Tina Reynolds

  259. Sadi says:

    First, thanks for the opportunity . Second, Why I Need The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 because I became homeless in the ninth grade so with me being homeless and pour I didn’t have the technology the other kids which cause me to fail because of that and because my teacher told me no one cares about me I dropped out of school got my ged and would like togo to college but I don’t have the technology to do so so thats why I need the lenovo yoga pro 3.

  260. Rose says:

    I need it to be able to use the internet and various programs! My laptop is slow, old, and overheating. And too heavy for me to carry around since I’ve got a connective tissue disorder. The Yoga is lightweight and would be something I could take out with me.

    Facebook – Rose HN
    Twitter – @inheritthesand
    Instagram – @summerysand

  261. Kenny F says:

    followed on twitter @bittripfan

  262. Hope says:

    Hope Bertram – facebook
    DigitalHope – Instagram

    I would love to win this computer because my computer is on it’s last leg and I don’t have the money to buy a new one right now. It has to be plugged in or it won’t work!

  263. I need it to get my work and home life in order.
    My twitter account is @Quickapic

  264. Harmony B says:

    Would be great to keep me organized on the go.

    instagram / twitter – @hburmeister
    fb – Harmony Burmeister

  265. With a 14 month old on the go , this would be a compact, easy to handle and manageable solution to getting work done while moving from room to room. I love the ease and simplicity in functionality plus you can;t beat a Lenovo!

    Following on Twitter and Instagram as @mommysnippets and on FB and @MarinaJohn

  266. lavende says:

    Oh I’d LOVE This for balancing work/life/family in a cool, durable, and helpful way! Fantastic product, fingers crossed!! Loyally following from @lavendelemonade FB: lavendelemonade and IG: lavendelemonade

  267. Stylish+Geek says:

    Thank you everyone for joining! I have spent quite a bit of time reading through all the comments and making sure all entries have followed the contest submission requirements. I really appreciate it!

    I have contacted the potential winner via email. The Sponsor is now verifying if the winner meets the official rules & regulations ( Once they have verified the winner, I will be posting the results on the blog.

    Want to thank you all once again! I hope you will consider the Lenovo Yogo Pro 3 if you are looking for a laptop that has amazing tablet features. It’s truly an amazing device! Just see the 50 Lenovo Tastemakers (of which I am included) loving this product:

  268. I’d like this for travel. It is so easy to fall behind if you’re not working on your blog and/or homework while you’re away from home. I would even use this in the carpool line while waiting for the kids to get out of school. Every little bit of working time helps. FB: Rosey Marie Instagram and Twitter: Mail4Rosey Thanks for hosting!

  269. Tammileetips says:

    This sound like it would be a perfect laptop for me when I need to upgrade!! I take ours every were when we travel so it’s important it’s able to work fast and connect fast to Wi-Fi. What a great giveaway congrats to the winner!

  270. Jenny says:

    This sounds like an amazing laptop!!! I work on the go all the time so this would be perfect for me.

  271. Lauren says:

    Who won the giveaway??

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      Hi Lauren – The selected winning entry is currently being validated for the submission requirements by the sponsor of the giveaway. As soon as they send out word that I can officially announce the selected winner I will be doing a post update on the blog to let everyone know!

  272. Stylish+Geek says:


    Stylish+Geek would like to Congratulate Anita U. of! Anita has been contacted and her information has been verified by the Sponsor. The prize will be shipped directly to her by the Sponsor.

  273. Anita Utami says:

    I can’t express how happy I am to be selected as the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro winner! Thank you Cara, Lenovo, and Clever Girls for this exciting giveaway. What a blessing. My old laptop has been acting up. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

    I would also like to say that I am very impressed by how you host the giveaway, Cara. So transparent and the directions were so clear.

    Thank you again 🙂

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