The Flower Workshop: Lessons in Arranging Blooms, Branches, Fruits, and Foraged Materials is written by Ariella Chezar

Whenever I see a flower arrangement I think of my Lola Lory.

Lola means ‘Grandmother’ in Filipino. And mine happens to be one of the women I admire the most.

My Lola was a horticulturalist and florist. So throughout my adolescent years I have been exposed to her landscaping skills and floral arrangements. She has done so many special events, from weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, and many others.

I love seeing her transform a barren piece of land into a haven of plants and intricately designed garden. It amazes me. She can visualize in her mind what she wants it to appear. Sometimes she is calculated in her plans. But most of the time she improvises. It is in the latter that I see her most outstanding work!

While I love her gardening, my favorite creative endeavor to witness is her flower arranging. She is an absolute maven at it! Whether it’s fresh or silk flowers, she can create something unique, mesmerizing, and absolutely endearing. How I wish back then we had the right technology to capture her artistry!


There are fifty amazing flower projects with easy to follow tutorials in the Flower Workshop book!

One regret I had was not being able to learn how to arrange flowers with my Lola. I was scared. I thought I was not creative enough. The fear of not meeting her standards stifled me from even trying to learn from a true master.

And so while I find out later and life that my creative genes kick in much later than I had anticipated, I try to find ways to learn how to create beautiful arrangements with the fresh cut flowers my husband brings me every month.

One very helpful read is The Flower Workshop: Lessons in Arranging Blooms, Branches, Fruits, and Foraged Materials by Ariella Chezar.

Among the lot of floral arrangement DIY books, this one captivated me the most. Initially I was drawn to the cover, which features my favorite Dahlias, Peonies, and other variety of blooms. When I scanned the pages I was in awe of the floral photography.


This is the perfect book to have as a resource for floral enthusiasts! It has a really easy tutorial flow that any novice or expert can follow!

Then looking closely at the floral projects I realized that the author arranged the lesson in a very easy to follow flow.

I could not believe that from simple pieces of flowers it can be arranged into an amazing bouquet with just a few steps.

Since receiving this book to review I have made about half-dozen flower arrangements (Lola Lory would be so proud!).

The tips I learned help me become more artistic and quite courageous in combining flowers that I would have otherwise not tried putting together.

I am glad I was able to find a perfect resource! I feel a little more confident in being able to arrange floral centerpieces in my dining area and a few vase bouquets in my family room and library. I even used a few techniques to create boutonnieres (I’ll share this creation in a later post!).

Whether you are a novice in floral arrangements or an expert, you will love the projects shared by this book!

Has this piqued your curiosity? Here is more information on this beautiful read:

img_5712-1Book Title: The Flower Workshop: Lessons in Arranging Blooms, Branches, Fruits, and Foraged Materials

Author: Ariella Chezar


Written by a celebrated floral designer and lavishly illustrated with full-color photography, this book not only provides step-by-step instructions for 50 stunning floral projects from simple to spectacular, but also equips readers with the skills to customize arrangements at home.

Whether hosting a party, helping out with a friend’s wedding, or wishing to incorporate the beauty of flowers into everyday life, The Flower Workshop allows you to create dazzling arrangements that go beyond merely pretty and into realms of the dramatic, the unexpected, and sometimes even the magical. Written by a celebrated floral designer and lavishly illustrated with full-color photography, this book not only provides step-by-step instructions for more than forty-five stunning floral projects from simple to spectacular, but also equips you with the skills to customize arrangements at home.

Known for her hands-on flower workshops at FlowerSchool New York, Ariella Chezar walks you through the nuts and bolts of creating a variety of small flourishes, tonal arrangements, branch arrangements, handheld bouquets, wreathes, garlands, grand gestures, and more—all accompanied by detailed photography. Chezar offers advice and philosophy on everything from texture and color to foliage and containers, providing an overall approach to living and working with flowers, with an eye toward fresh, local, wild, seasonally influenced floral design. For every occasion, from relaxed and simple to lavish and monumental, The Flower Workshop celebrates the special moments in your life with glorious, fragrant floral arrangements and enhances your surroundings with abundant beauty.

29 Responses to The Flower Workshop

  1. Robin Rue says:

    That book is awesome. I think some people truly have an eye for putting together good arrangements and I am definitely not one of them 😉

  2. I could not do what you do in a million years! The book looks great and the floral arrangements are beautiful! What an artist!

  3. julieiscocoandcocoa says:

    I love the bold colors in your floral arrangement! I’d love to learn more about floral arranging, I do love having fresh flowers around my apartment.

  4. Kait says:

    I have this book and absolutely love it! I loved reading about the relationship with your Lola 🙂

  5. Flower arrangement is a true art form. I’m so glad to see there is a gorgeous book available to help you create your own floral art.

  6. I love all of the colors in this photos! I want to read this! It sounds all sorts of awesome!

  7. Aw… loved this story about you and your Lola and the history of flowers. I wish I could arrange flowers – I just drop them in a vase! But, you did peek my curiosity and I am so checking this out!
    Karen |

  8. So many beautiful photos and colours. I love flowers, and photos of them… so pretty and relaxing!

  9. I am quite obsessed with flowers. This book sounds interesting, i want to read it

  10. Elizabeth O. says:

    She’s an amazing woman, I’m sure of that! I admire florists for what they do, they make beautiful flowers look even more beautiful.

  11. Vicky says:

    I have always wanted to try flower arranging! People who are good at it make it look so easy but there is a lot that goes into it.

  12. Colette says:

    What a cute book! It’s beautiful inside and out and would look great hanging on a table
    Top! I’d love to Learn more
    About flower arranging!

  13. tp keane says:

    So nice that you had a wonderful Lola. Even better that you can follow in her footsteps with this fabulous book.

  14. I think putting together arrangements is def. an art! My vases never look as good as the professionals!

  15. Love those gorgeous flowers, I always in love when I seeing a beautiful flowers.

  16. The most beautiful fresh cut flowers are for sale every Saturday in the summer at our local farmer’s market. I never know how to arrange them so I don’t purchase them. This looks like a great little book!

  17. I love flowers in my home, it reflects as my happiness.

  18. This book looks amazing! I am not so good at flower arrangements, but I love them. I never thought of doing anything with silk flowers – that would be a great idea!

  19. Lori Felix says:

    I’ll have to get this book for my sister. She loves to garden and grows tons of beautiful flowers that we pick and put in vases but our arrangements never quite showcase the beauty of the flowers.

  20. Aziel Morte says:

    Ohh I really love these flowers, and the book was so interesting.

  21. RonRon says:

    Great book for sure. I would love to get my hand at this too!

  22. Melissa Bernardo says:

    I love this book! I would love to have one in my home!

  23. Rosey Marie says:

    I’d love to be able to create dazzling flower arrangements. Esp. true w/Mother’s Day fast approaching!

  24. My daughter was fortunate enough to help a florist when she was a teen. It’s a valuable skill to learn and has really helped a lot through the years.

  25. Ana De Jesus says:

    What an incredible woman, I love flowers too, where my parents are from ( Madeira) flowers is a huge part of their culture.

  26. kancell724 says:

    My mom is a florist. She owns her own shop and does a lot of work on weddings. She’s been doing it since I was in high school.

  27. Roxanne says:

    These photos are just gorgeous! I think it’s sweet flowers remind you so much of your Lola. 🙂

  28. Megan McCoig says:

    I’d love to have an eye for perfect arrangements. I love beautiful flowers, would love to see this book 🙂

  29. Even the book itself is stunning! I love seeing different hobby options like this available for others. I’d love to know more about floral arrangements.

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