The special day for Moms is just a few days away. Have you found the perfect gift for your Mom yet? For those last minute shoppers, here’s an array of absolutely fabulous gifts that your Mom would surely love to covet! I know I would!


Dooney and Bourke’s Large Bucket Drawstring Bag from the Siena Serena collection

Dooney & Bourke’s Siena Serena Large Bucket Bag

Talk about a classic piece, this Dooney & Bourke’s Siena Serena Large Bucket Bag is a keeper…forever!

Known for its timeless appeal, this shoulder bag is made of textured leather with a resin-coated interior. It has a polyvinyl coating which is generally water repellent. There are an array of adorable colors offered by Dooney & Bourke, however my favorite hue is the Navy with interior White.

I love that this modern take on the bucket bag has a shiny exterior that is very easy to clean. And the contrasting interior adds a pop of color!

Though this bag does not have any interior compartments, there is the alternative detachable zippered pouch that is large enough to store the small essentials.

Is this bag roomy? You bet! It can hold a lot of things, yet it still looks very stylish as you cinch the top with the distinct Dooney & Bourke tassel closure.

Your Mom will love this, but so will you…so why not treat yourself too!

Bag Details: H 13.5″ x W 7″ x L 12″ Double sided leather. Adjustable strap. Feet. Drawstring closure. Pouch with zipper closure. Strap drop length 11″.


NuMe’s Magic Wand made of 100% Pure Titanium

NuMe Curling Magic Wand

I love gifts you can use all year round. And such is the case with the NuMe Curling Magic Wand.

Made of 100% pure titanium, this styling barrel is an amazing tool for so many different hair styles, from smooth waves, adorable big curls, or trying a sculptural avant garde look. This truly is a ‘magic’ wand!

NuMe offers this in three sizes: 32mm, 25mm, and 19mm. It also comes in rich bold fashion colors of Pink, Turquoise, and Black.

If you are wondering what’s the big deal with titanium? Plenty! With this particular metal, you are guaranteed fast heating but even distribution. It also allows the wand to glide easily on the hair so that you won’t get hurt from tangling.

And believe it or not your hair will be shiny. This type of curling iron releases negative ions, which ensures shiny tresses. Titanium technology also retains moisture so your locks will not appear dried out.

My favorite feature is the anti-corrosion property. I love that I do not have to worry about rust with this product! It will surely give me years and years of productive use!

Here’s an amazing thing…NuMe is have a fantastic sale on their items! Any of their Magic Wands is just $24.99! That’s an incredible deal considering their original price range from $139 to $149! Just use the code: LOVEMOM24

Now if you prefer the Flat Iron, NuMe offers the same deal on their Silhouette Line made of pure ceramic plates! Just use the code: MOMFLATIRON. Hurry because these special deals expire on 5/8/2016!


Nina Garcia authored three amazing style books: The Little Black Book of Style, The One Hundred, and The Style Strategy.

Nina Garcia’s Collection of Fashion and Personal Style Books

I collect a variety of lifestyle, fashion, and personal style books. But the ones I seem to refer to time and again are the very essential books authored by Project Runway Judge Nina Garcia.

I have always been a firm believer that one’s personal style is unique, and the best ones out there truly have fun with fashion, showcase grace, confidence, and a sense of humor. So with a discerning eye I wanted to find out what Nina Garcia’s take on this subject.

I started with The Little Black Book of Style. Within a few hours I was finished reading it.

It was witty, humorous, and chalk-full of style advice that allows you to understand the basics, but does not steer you from showcasing your own personality and preferences. And example would be a subject of ‘proper fit’. It’s true. Anything can look good as long as it properly fits your frame.

Now a fan, I had to get her succeeding books The One HundredThe Style Strategy, and The Look Book! And neither of these disappoint.


Stella & Dot’s Cushion Cut Drop Earrings comes in Soft Mint and Canary Citron

Stella & Dot’s Cushion Cut Earrings

Moms love elegant gifts that really create an amazing stylish statement! If you are looking for one but are on a budget, have a look at some of the earring collections of Stella & Dot.

The ones I am eyeing are exquisite cushion-cut drop earrings in Soft Mint and Canary colors. Made of glass stones and a Brass ear wire with gold plating, these lovely pair are perfect to wear for any occasion!

They are 3/4″ drop in length and are feather-weight so it won’t drag your ears down. Love that they are also hypoallergenic.

What’s more these jewelry pieces are exclusively designed in Stella & Dot’s NYC studio, are artisan crafted, and hand finished.

Untitled design

JORD are a beautifully crafted wooden watches that has a timeless appeal.

Jord Wood Watches

A truly unique and memorable gift is a luxurious and quintessentially chic time piece by Jord Wood Watches.

I had the privilege of receiving a Jord Watch from the Dover collection.

Seeing it first hand, I could not help but admire the amazing craftsmanship put into each watch. To design and sculpt the wooden bracelets is an art form. And you can tell that each link of the natural wood was a result of exceptional hand-finishing techniques.

Fortunately Jord has a generous Mother’s Day special that allows you to save up to 25% on selected watch collections. Use the following codes below if you are interested:

10% off the CORA series, use code: 4MOMCORA33

15% off the FRANKIE series, use code: 4MOMFRANKIE51

20% off the FIELDCREST series, use code: 4MOMFIELDCREST6

25% off the ELY series, use code: 4MOMELY9

Hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day gift guide! If you have any other gift suggestions, do share them in the comments below!

26 Responses to Fabulous Gifts for Moms

  1. felinebykatsaris says:

    My mom would love these gifts… I LOVE THESE GIFTS! I really love your taste! Great post xx

  2. Great ideas for mom. I have a Jord watch and I love it. Definitely unique and a conversation starter, and that Dooney and Bourke bucket bag is gorgeous.

  3. Forget Mom’s day I think we can invest in ourselves anytime! I’m not really into celebrating on specific days, unless it’s birthdays, we shouldn’t need an excuse of mothers day to remind them we love them!

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    These are lovely ideas, I know a lot of moms who will appreciate that bag and, well, everything in this list. Thanks for the suggestions, I still haven’t bought enough for the special moms in my life.

  5. ashley lee says:

    I seriously want a bucket bag by D&B! I love the daffodil one. GORGEOUS!

  6. So many great ideas for mom. We bought my mom two tops to brighten her spring.

  7. Such great gift items for moms. There’s a gift idea here anyone would enjoy getting.

  8. I need a new purse so I would love to get the D&B bucket bag for Mother’s Day. Love the color.

  9. We try to stay away from the material gifts on Mother’s Day. I’m going to a painting class with my kids on Mother’s day and yesterday we went on a date night with my daughter and got matching manicures and pedicures. Every time I see my nails and toes I smile and remember what fun we had together. The best Mother’s Day gift Ever!

  10. These are all great ideas! I love my NUME curling wand so I would highly recommend that!

  11. Amber NElson says:

    Ooo, I want that magic wand. I’ve always wanted to try one of those!

  12. Loving your idea! I’m sure my mom will appreciate this kind of stuff, and I like it too.

  13. Nicole says:

    I’d like to pick the bucket bag! That would be perfect for my mom.

  14. These are very unique gifts. There is surely something there for everyone on the Mother’s Day list. I especially like the giant bag 🙂

  15. These are some awesome gifts for Mother’s Day. It’s so nice to get special and be pampered on this special day. It should be like that all year long.

  16. tiffanyhathorn says:

    These seem like they would be the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone in your life.

  17. John lopez says:

    These lights awesome gift for Mother’s Day gift I gave were clean dishes doing laundry and picking up the house she appreciated those gifts.

  18. Yes Love this guide spot on the bag and books are a must !!!

  19. alexandria says:

    Those JORD watches are so beautiful, and you can never go wrong with a bag! My husband definitely knows that by now! I didn’t know Nina had a collection of books!

  20. I love that blue on the bag. Very strong and classic. I could fit alot in there 🙂
    Happy Mothers Day!

  21. That bag’s my bet, it does have a modern look on it and I want it with that blue-yellow shade. The others are nice too, especially the selection of watches. I went ahead and just gave my mom a very simple gift yesterday but I wouldn’t mind these choices!

  22. Aziel Morte says:

    I really love the bucket bag and I bet my mom love this too

  23. RonRon says:

    Those watches and earrings looks really elegant. Love them all!

  24. Megan McCoig says:

    These are such lovely and beautiful gifts. The bag would be my first choice for my mum, wouldn’t mind it for myself to – it’s gorgeous!

  25. Melissa Bernardo says:

    Great gifts for mom. I know my mom would love any of these gifts 🙂

  26. tauyanm says:

    Nume curling wand for me please!! i’ve been wanting this like forever! but cannot decide to get it for myself haha

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