Avenue A by Adidas is a quarterly athletic gear subscription curated by different athlete personalities.

After feeling lukewarm towards my Summer 2017 Box, I was on the fence whether to continue subscribing to Adidas Avenue A.

Because I like the brand so much I decided to stay on and see what the Fall 2017 box would be like.

The Adidas Avenue A Fall 2017 Box was curated by soccer athletes, Kristie Mewis and Stephanie McCaffrey. They run a fashion blog called Sporting Chic.

For the curation of this athletic box they decided to combine a variety of gear that can support any type of training for every sport.

This box includes the following:

1. Adizero Tempo 9 Running Shoes – Adidas describes these as women’s shoes built for a light ride, that combines energy-returning dual-density boost midsole with an origami-influenced webbing design on the upper for a smooth, responsive ride with enhanced support and flexibility. It has a Stretchweb outsole that adapts and flexes to the way your foot hits the ground delivering a secure grip in wet or dry conditions. Retail price is $120.

2. Performer Strappy Tank – This workout tank top is perfect for hot yoga, the gym, or a spin class. Adidas describes this as a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that sweeps sweat away from your skin, while the stylish and strappy racer-back design allows for plenty of airflow. Retail is $28.

The quarterly subscription costs $150 with free shipping.

3. Halter Bra – The halter bra is a high-neckline bra that provides medium support. Adidas describes this as perfect for medium-impacting workouts like hiking and strength training. It has breathable padded cups that add support. The climalite material keeps you dry from warm-up stretches through the final workout. Retail price is $45.

4. Supernova 7/8 Tights – These are lightweight sweat-wicking tights that are seven-eighth length with climalite fabric. When using these for running they draw moisture from your skin for long-lasting dry comfort. The high-stretch build and double-sided fabric adapts to your body’s movement. The back mesh provides ventilation where you need it most. There is a drawcord on the elastic waist for an adjustable fit and a sweat-guard zip pocket that can store small essential.s Retail price is $75.

5. Adidas Wildcharge Training Sunglasses – these are durable sunglasses that feature a lightweight frame, a flattering oval shape and Traction Grip™ non-slip contact points on the temples for a secure fit. Durable Vision Advantage™ lenses offer optimal protection and scratch resistance. Retail price is $139.

Overall box content cost is $407. Which means this box only cost me 37% of its overall retail value!

But do I like the items at all?

Oh do I ever!

All the contents of this box is fantastic! The colors are bright and energetic. They may not all mesh well together, but since I have a lot of blacks and grays in my athletic wardrobe, these pieces are just the right pop of color!

The Adizero Tempo 9 Running Shoes are amazing! They are comfortable and really provide the support I need. They are made for half-marathon and fast running training. Using them on a threadmill or elliptical is a breeze. And the color? Yes it’s funky, but take it from me, if I wanted a bright hue for a shoe these would be it! The dark violet complements any outfit of any color…believe me! I absolutely love these!

Another favorite are the Adidas Wildcharge Training Sunglasses. They do not slip even when I am sweating! They are lightweight and have great large coverage of my eye area. I love that they are mirrored lenses too because it adds that extra pizzazz to my workout gear!

And believe it or not the Supernova 7/8 tights is the first time I am wearing tights that nearly reach my full leg. I was not sure if skin tight leg gear would look good on me since most of my workout pants are the ‘yoga-style’ wide leg pants. But I am definitely loving these! I like that the waist has a cinch to make it fit better.

As for the performance strappy tank and halter bra, they are basics that I can wear for a very long time! The strappy tank is great when I layer my outfits, whereas I can wear the halter bra by itself (truth be told I may not be brave. But it is a motivation to try and get a flat belly first!). Because I have a tall frame I was not sure if the halter bra would reach my shoulders. But it does work, but just a little tight. I got the Large size, which is their biggest. But overall the fit was doable.

If there was one thing I could wish for again from Adidas is to add either a gym bag or a jacket to be included. Previous boxes have had these, so I am not sure why Adidas is holding out. Maybe they want subscribers to continue on with a higher probability of offering them in their Winter 2017 box.

Would I want to find out? Of course! For the stuff I am receiving paying a mere fraction of the retail cost why would I not want to continue? This saves me rummaging through Adidas sales, gets me the latest and limited-edition gear, and everything is at the convenience of having the items shipped directly to me.

Are you an Adidas Avenue A subscriber? Which of the contents of the Fall 2017 box did you like?

35 Responses to Adidas Avenue A – Fall 2017 Box

  1. That is an amazing box! I love Adidas, and I have actually been needing some new shoes. The sunglasses look super nice as well.

  2. Kristina says:

    I love the shoes! My husband is a big Adidas fan. The colors of the shoes is what drew my attention!

  3. journaliz says:

    My husband is a huge fan of Adidas and he loves to check new shoes. I love everything inside the box especially that beautiful pair of shoes.

  4. That is some box, it had everything you would need to workout for the whole year. I especially loved those sunglasses because in the summer months you need good eye protection.

  5. I am glad the fall box met your expectations and even surpassed them! Love that!!

  6. robin rue says:

    Adidas is one of my favorite brands. I had no idea they did something like this, but I totally want to go sign up!

  7. Marcie says:

    Whoa! That’s a great price! I always forget to replace my sport bras and tanks and could use a refresh!

  8. Wow, $150 for all that?! That’s freaking fantastic! That was an awesome box, I would have loved it all!! Those shoes I think are my favorite.

  9. That is an amazing deal for the items you received. I am also VERY excited about those colors. I love wearing bright work out colors, and this fits the bill for sure.

    thrifting diva

  10. Rachel says:

    Those are some pretty sweet kicks. I really like the pink/fuschia soles on those shoes.

  11. What an amazing box full of workout goodies. Don’t know if I could pull off the sports bra as I need maximum support all the time, but it does look comfortable. A jacket or bag would be a great addition to the next box.

  12. reesann723 says:

    I have never heard of this box before. I would love one! I love the sneakers!

  13. roxyturtle says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know Adidas has a subscription box! Very cool. I love the sneakers best of everything you received this round and it sounds like you got really good value for your buck.

  14. First time I heard of this box subscription but it sounds so cool. I really like the running shoes. Adidas make great sport wears

  15. Jeannette says:

    Wow I didn’t even they mad boxes like this and I’m pretty surprised. I didn’t think Adidas would ever do something like this.

  16. I love these boxes! I haven’t subscribed yet but have been considering it for months. This would make an excellent gift for the holidays!

  17. Mariann Yip says:

    I love adidas! They’re my favorite brand for sneakers and athleisure! http://mariannyc.com/2017/10/06/how-to-deal-with-change/

  18. What a great box! You really can’t go wrong with Adidas. Loving those shoes! 🙂

  19. Melissa Vera says:

    Wow this sounds like an amazing box. But I am in sticker shock over the price.

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