If you have been a reader of Stylish+Geek blog, you will notice that from time to time, in the 10-year blog history, that Stylish+Geek stops writing for weeks, even months. There’s no explanation. No peep whatsoever. And then all of a sudden it’s back on writing again as if that brief silent respite was just a blip.

Why is that?

The short answer is detox. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have learned that detox from blogging is a healthy practice. It allows me to do a moment of reflection. Do I still want to do this? Do my lifestyle topics still interest me? Or are they relevant at this point in my life?

And if I continue to blog, what can I offer (bedsides the ‘unique voice’) that can continually help channel my creativity? Or have I saturated myself already? Can I still keep up with the influx of social media tools? Would I want to?

And the questions just keep coming. And I encourage that. The self-doubt. The feeling of exhaustion. The questioning of why even do this when I am already busy as it is balancing family and career. What is the point? There are way too many outlets of social information already out there. And video blogging has definitely taken over the traditional written blogging. Why? Why? Why?

I will then try other creative things. In the past months I have started sketching on my iPad Pro. I took my interest in the Hallyu Wave (i.e. KPOP, K-Dramas, et al) to the next level. I tended to my garden again creating mini-succulent arrangements. I binge-watched on Fixer Upper and tried to hone in on what kind of home-style reflects my taste (it is ‘country-eclectic’ but that epiphany deserves a post all its own). And I used up my PTO and traveled to different places in the U.S. with my family. I started observing again – people, places, and things.

And it is in one of those moments, specifically, a hotel lounge in Bend, Oregon that overlooks the Deschutes River, that I decided I am back online. And to kick it off I am typing away this post.

So Stylish+Geek is back. Will anything change? Yes, but not a whole lot. I realized I still enjoy most of the topics I write about. Even after 10 years of blogging I am still a stylish geek at heart. I still love technology, gadgets, and the continuous influx of software apps. And I still care about personal style, whether it is projecting it in my home, in my wardrobe, or in my beauty regimen.

Now will I try video? Hmmm…that is still in consideration. It is a conundrum that despite my News Anchor, TV Host, TVCs, and various video experience that I would just dive comfortably in this medium. But I still hesitate. One of the perks of writing a blog is having my readers get to know me through my written voice, void of any appearances or video exposure. There is a strange, vague, yet very joyful appreciation that I found my audience without using my background in media.

But I cannot ignore that video blogging or even podcasting is definitely taking over. So in the future you will see me try this as well. I am still convincing myself, you see. But I am sure I will be swayed.

And so, I hope dear reader you have not completely left. I hope you are still interested in what I have to share. Just as you have put up with my months of silence in the past, I hope you will continue to forgive and forget. Here’s looking forward to another chapter in Stylish+Geek.

We are back online! Hurrah! Please spread the word.

43 Responses to Back from a Blogging Detox

  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging. Sounds like you did a lot of thinking during your time off!

  2. I can understand how you feel. So far I haven’t questioned my desire to write my blog, but it is a fictional newspaper and sometimes coming up with ‘fictional stuff’ drains my energy. And I wonder is it energy I should be directing somewhere else?

  3. Tara Holland says:

    I love the idea of detoxing from the day to day. I feel like I’m always on the computer or cell phone doing work, so it is nice to step away. Welcome back to the world of blogging!

  4. Flossie says:

    OOH, BEND! – I have never been there, but my bro’s in-laws live there so he visits lots, and I’ve heard it’s beautiful – your picture confirms it! Good for you in giving yourself the freedom to take a break – that is SO important to refocus/recharge your batteries/come back with renewed purpose. Look forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

  5. Lily Ashley says:

    It looks like you had a great and amazing vacation. Good to know that you are back and sharing your thoughts with us.

  6. Echo says:

    Welcome back! I completely agree that detoxes and taking time for you is completely necessary!

  7. Love that you shared this with all of us as you’re right, there are times when we should take a break & let our VAs keep things going. I actually just took a break but it was to deal with family emergencies, so not quite the same but … sometime in the future!

  8. Kimberly C. says:

    Wow I can see how after 10 years of blogging you have moments like this. Glad that you decided to keep plugging away. I think we all need a break every now and then just to catch our breath. Glad you’re back!!!

  9. Those breaks/pauses are good for any job! I take them probably once a year. It really helps to get myself back on the track that I am wanting to be on.

  10. angrisk says:

    Hooray! Welcome back to blogging! You site looks great! And sometimes we just need to chill for a while….and that’s OK!

  11. Sometimes a little break is all we need. Glad to have you back!

  12. It is good that you take breaks when you need them but I am also glad you are back. I have been a fan of your blog for a long time!

  13. Bianca says:

    I also need a detox from blogging every now and then! I took a break over the summer while the kids were out of school. Totally refreshing!

  14. Kelly Reci says:

    Awesome! This is a great news. We really need to take a break once in a while to gain strength and inspiration. Good for you.

  15. Welcome back. It is important to refresh our goals and see if we are working on projects that motivate us!

  16. Glad you are back! I think it is good to do a detox from time to time. I need to do a detox, and I would love to create a succulent garden. Sounds like a great way to get back to what is important in life.

  17. TheMrsTee says:

    First: Welcome Back! I have been known to take breaks as well. It’s healthy. It’s needed. It’s necessary. I believe in order to share you need to live and that at times means time away. Second: Be Swayed!! Video is definitely the next place to be but even if it wasn’t it’s a great way to expand both your audience, your reach and your voice! I can’t wait to see you begin to explore it 😀

  18. Our Family World says:

    Welcome back! I think it is also time for me to go on a blogging detox. I have been wanting to leave and travel extensively but there are other responsibilities that limit me. Maybe if I just go off the radar for a month or so, unhook myself from social media, maybe, I can find that fire again in me that made me start blogging in the first place.

  19. Welcome back to blogging. We all need a break sometimes it just feels work, the world and everything else just caving in.Hope you had a rejuvenating break.

  20. Chei Pangan says:

    Wow this is a perfect place to unwind. Welcome back to blogging and Thanks for sharing this.

  21. As a fellow blogger, I can most definitely sympathize with this, and I’ve done the same thing. Sometime the pressure to pump out content just gets too much to bare, and you’ve got to separate from it. Well, anyway, welcome back!

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