Today is a a very special day. My aunt Rose (and godmother) is celebrating her 70th birthday! Since it has been awhile since I made a fondant cake, I thought I would bring out my tools and see what I can come up with.

Now I was a very hesitant to try and surprise her with a cake because I did not know if I could still do it. There are several steps involved to making a fondant cake, and although it is not difficult to do, it is very time consuming!

But as soon as I started the baking process, the love for this pastry craft took over. I was in my zone and enjoying the creative process every step of the way. In fact, I decided to try different techniques, such as quilted textures and creating a hand-rolled flower. I did not really plan the design in advance. I knew I wanted to make the rolled turquoise fondant beads to look like pearls and then go from there. The cake turned out to be ‘cute’, as described by my teen. I was pretty happy with it!

After putting it all together, my hubby and daughter accompanied me to make a surprise delivery to my Aunt! She was ecstatic and gave it a two-thumbs up!


Want to make a similar cake? Here’s how I did it:

1. Cake Recipe – Lemon Cake (use the same Lemon Ginger Bundt cake recipe I use, but do not add the ginger). And instead of using lemon juice, try to use real lemons. I squeezed about two from the ripe fruit my mom-in-law gave me. Her friend grew them in her backyard! I baked two round pans a day in advanced and kept it tightly sealed with saran wrap to keep it fresh and moist.

2. Prepare Cream Cheese filling – I did not make butter cream because cream cheese makes a much more delicious filling with lemon cake.

3. Prepare Vanilla Cream – I use Food Network’s Basic Vanilla Pastry Cream recipe because it isn’t too sweet yet it is flavorful. It’s basically combining milk, vanilla bean, and bean paste, egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch and unsalted butter. Make sure you make enough to cover the entire cake because this is used for crumb coating. Now this step is very important because it makes it a lot easier to cover the cake with fondant and it seals the filling and cake, and keeps everything moist. I added a light pink food coloring with mine just to make it look extra pretty when the cake is cut!

4. Make Marshmallow Fondant – this is probably the easiest and yummiest way to make fondant. I did not color the fondant when the marshmallows were melted, but instead kept everything while and added color whenever I rolled the fondant.

5.  Decorate away and have fun! 

Have you tried making a fondant cake? How did you like the process? What decorating ideas do you have?

65 Responses to Aunt Rose’s Lemon Fondant Cake

  1. That turned out so beautifully! I made a fondant cake once, and it’s a lot of work! I’m also not the biggest fan of how fondant tastes, but a good flavored one could be good I think. I love lemon anything, I need to make more lemon cakes.

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      Thanks Angie! I agree…fondant cakes are a lot of work. That’s probably why I am more fond of doing the miniature ones. From the cake batter I can make about 3 small cakes with it.

  2. That cake looks phenomenal! I can’t imagine the work that goes into making a baked good that awesome looking.

  3. I have always wanted to try my hand at fondant. It is just so beautiful, but I have always wondered if it is super hard and if I could do it. I think I just need to attempt it. Your cake looks beautiful!

  4. Amanda says:

    This is literally one of the most beautiful cakes i have ever seen! I absolutely LOVE cakes and am so impressed by the work people can do with fondant–absolutely lovely. Hope your Aunt Rose had a phenomenal birthday!!!

  5. chbernard says:

    That is such a well done cake – good job! I love cakes with fondant – the possibilities are really endless.

  6. Tee says:

    I’ve never made a fondant cake before. Yours came out so pretty! Happy 70th to your Aunt! I bet she was so happy that you took the time to make her such a beautiful cake!

  7. Franc Ramon says:

    The cake looks really cute. It does stand out. I’m sure your Aunt Rose loved it.

  8. I have always wanted to be able to do fondant cakes!!! The cake turned out beautiful!! I have tried a couple of times but haven’t been to master it. I love the colors on your cake!

  9. So cute! I love the way fondant looks, but I hate the taste lol. I’m so jealous of your talent! I wish I could make wonderful cakes as well 🙂

  10. John Lopez says:

    Your a very thoughtful person and did a great job with the cake! Do you deliver?

  11. I haven’t done a fondant cake and I don’t think I can do one in the future. Lol. You are so creative and the fondant cake is done beautifully. 🙂

  12. ashleyevmg says:

    What a beautiful cake! You did a wonderful job on it.

  13. Colette S says:

    Wow! This is a beautiful cake!
    If only I was so creative!
    You did a great job!

  14. What a beautiful cake! I’m sure your aunt loved it!! I love baking but never have tried my hand at fondant! You did a great job!

  15. Kiwi says:

    What a pretty cake! I know your aunt was really grateful for her gorgeous 70th bday cake!

  16. Jeanine says:

    Yum what a lovely cake. I love me some fondant. But Ive never had a lemon fondant cake. I need to try something like this asap!

  17. mangsim says:

    My my my! This cake looks extra-amazing 😀 Thank you for the step-by-step guide. Who knows? I might try it one day 🙂

  18. What a beautiful cake for your aunt rose. Looks like you put a lot of love to the making of the cake. I bet you aunt really appreciate it. I’ve never worked with fondant but it makes cake look so elegant.

  19. This fondant cake looks awesome! I remember when I first tried to bake a fondant cake, it was a disaster. Now, I would love to try this again and see if I can pull this off.

  20. I’ve always been interested in fondant work, and you made it look so simple! Thanks for the tips.

  21. This looks awesome! I’ve always wanted to try making fondant, but I am so scared, lol! You make it look like it’s not scary.

  22. I have trouble making a regular cake, so I don’t know if I could pull this off. You did a wonderful job and I am sure you made her you Aunt Rose feel so special. I’d rather just pay you to make me one! haha =)

  23. I love the look of fondant, but have never been brave enough to try. You’ve broken this down so I think I could pull it off. I’d be thrilled to finish a cake that looked half as good as yours! lol

  24. Jacqueline says:

    Happy Birthday, Aunt Rose! 70 is such a wonderful milestone and that cake is 100% professional quality. Stellar job!

  25. Excellent work! That is the most beautiful cake. I love the way you did all of the decorating. I have never made or worked with fondant but I would enjoy learning how to. I bet your aunt really enjoyed her cake.

  26. Alyssa C says:

    Such a gorgeous cake! A friend of mine just tried making her own fondant and did a wonderful job. Trying to make a fondant cake is definitely on my to-do list. This post makes me so excited to give it a go. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Amy says:

    Wow I love your work! And it’s nice to see how the craft holds sentimental value. I’d like to try this now thank you 🙂

  28. MrsTee says:

    Wow! This looks amazing!! I love the detail you were able to achieve with the fondant. What a great medium to work with…

  29. Your cake turned out beautiful! Wow- I am so impressed! I would love to attempt one someday. I love the soft yellow. So pretty.

  30. Oh man, I love lemon! I have never tried to make a fondant cake, but it looks like fun! You did such an amazing job on your aunt’s cake! BRAVO!

  31. Janet H says:

    Wow this cake look so goood, it is so lovely, the design is great, thank you for sharing with us, you did an amazing job 🙂

  32. That’s adorable! I have never made fondant before- I’m such a non decorator! I wish I were better at it, though. Maybe some time I will take a class. You made this cake look both beautiful and achievable!

  33. Anosa says:

    I do not think my baking skills are at this level yet, happy belated birthday to your aunt and the cake turned out great

  34. Alli says:

    What a beautiful cake for your aunt! I have worked with fondant before, but it’s been awhile. You’ve inspired me to try it again.

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