Fab, Fit, Fun Summer 2017 Box

A few weeks ago I received an awesome summer treat in the mail – my Fab, Fit, Fun subscription box – Summer 2017 edition.

I was so impressed with the Editor’s Box (see my post on Stylish+Geek goes Fab, Fit, Fun) that I decided to continue investing my $49.99 for another box that would surely be worth 4x more than that, at the very least!

And I was proven right!

My FFF Summer Box came in an opportune time when I was gathering necessities for an upcoming family week-long road trip to the Northwest.

And while I was not able to use all of the contents, I brought at least half of it – the Klorane Dry Shampoo, Cargo HD Blush Bronzer, Avene 50 SPF Face Sunblock, and that adorable BKR Pink Glass 16 Oz. Water Bottle!





Here’s a rundown list of my Fab, Fit, Fun Summer Box 2017:

Can you believe it? The contents of my FFF Summer box is valued at $329.50 (note: The Marine Collagen Vital Proteins is not included because only a sachet sample was given)!!!

The overall cost of the box was $49 plus $30 for the 3 add-ons I opted to receive, to a total of $79. That is still a huge discount considering the retail cost of the contents of the box!

I love all the items, but among the loot my favorite products are the Eau Thermale Avene 50 SPF Facial Sunscreen, the Way of Will Cooling Massage Oil, and the Cargo HD Highlighter. As for the Michael Stars Ruana….I decided to give it to my teen to add to one of her many birthday presents. So far she is loving it (and I am actually getting envious!).

Thank you Fab, Fit, Fun! You did not disappoint! I love all the products you have sent in my subscription.

If you are interested to subscribe, Fab, Fit, Fun has the following new subscription deals: $10 off using the coupon code FUTURE. Use this link: FABFITFUN

31 Responses to Fab, Fit, Fun Summer Box 2017

  1. Karen Morse says:

    That’s awesome! I love that you got so much stuff from this month’s box. I love the contents! It’s definitely worth getting.

  2. Jessica Terry says:

    I have never ordered a subscription box for myself but this looks like one I wouldn’t mind checking out!

  3. Jeanine says:

    I will be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed with my summer box. I’ve gotten boxes for a bit now, and I haven’t really been too impressed minus Fall/Editors. I am really holding out hope that this fall is amazing.

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      That’s too bad! This is only the 2nd box I have received from Fab,Fit,Fun. I am hoping the boxes just keep getting better. I suggested to them that since the price of the jewelry is already over $100, they may consider trying to collaborate with watch companies that have watches around that price.

  4. What a great selection of items. I haven’t tried out this box yet but I’ve great things about it. There really is something in there for everyone.

  5. These are nice, high end products. I want to try the protein, Juice Beauty eye serum and the dry shampoo.

  6. Subscription boxes are taking over big time. Its amazing gift ideas and the simplicity is astonishing.

  7. Oh my goodness that sounds really awesome! I’d love to try their sunscreen too. Thisbis what I like in subscription boxes.

  8. This looks like such a great box! You got so many amazing products for such a deal. I love the understated leather travel kit. So cute!

  9. I starred a fabfitfun box that is for newbies in my in box. It is a smaller version for $19.99 so I think I am going to try it out! Great products!

  10. Our Family World says:

    I have read so many positive reviews about the Fab, Fit Fun subscription box. It does look like they send really nice stuff. I will let my daughter know about this. She would love to receive items like these every month.

  11. I can’t believe you received all these items in this box!! The Michael Stars scarf alone is worth it.

  12. Kelly Reci says:

    These are nice, high ends products! Such a selection of items. I love that you you got so much stuff for this month.

  13. Robin Rue says:

    I have always wanted one of these subscription boxes. I am going to have to try one out one time.

  14. I have had one of those glass water bottles and it has lasted for years! It is an awesome addition.

  15. This looks like such a fun box. I’d love to try the eye concentrate and the mineral proteins.

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