This beautiful succulent is from my garden. I used this as a pattern for the flower of my small fondant cake.

When I started my baking hobby a few years ago and decided to try my hand at making fondant cakes, I realized I gravitated towards making ‘baby cakes’. It does not mean the cake is just for babies, but rather the size of the cakes are about 8 inches in diameter.

My first try at this was creating a flower hat fondant cake. I was fond of the succulents I was growing in my garden and decided to try to pattern my flower fondant after this.

Here’s how I did it:

The cake formula came from a red velvet recipe from Real Simple Magazine. I wanted to make it extra firm, so I improvised and added a little  pudding mix to the batter.

I poured this into two small 8″ round aluminum baking pans.


For the frosting, I decided on Cream Cheese. It happens to be a perfect flavor combination with red velvet. You can use the recipe I often rely on here: Cream Cheese Frosting.

To create the the main base of the cake, I decided to use a dark pink color fondant. I love using this fondant icing ever since I created my first fondant birthday cake.

Here’s a tip….if you want to learn more about fondant and how to layer them on the cake, see my post on Craftsy Mini-Courses. You will be delighted to see a free class that teaches you how to do this!


I completely covered the two layers of round cakes. Then I cut a small strip to cover the bottom part, which helps hide the folds that could not be smoothed away. This made the small cake look like a pink hat.

I decided to make a huge hand flower by utilizing the pattern created by Craftsy Instructor Jessica Harris. I love her ‘Clean and Simple Cake Design’.


Decorating the top of the cake was pretty simple. After the sugar flower hardened, I created a stand comprise of three leaves on the back to support it. Once everything was in place, I placed it in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Creating this small cake was a lot of fun! I also realized I enjoy baking the mini-cakes, and actually find it much easier to learn this fondant decorating craft.

Have you tried this at all? What did you make? I am still new to this hobby so do share any tips and tricks!

54 Responses to The Flower Hat Fondant Cake

  1. theclutterboxblog says:

    I also love succelents! They are so pretty. I have never worked with fondant, it’s always been something I wanted to try though. Your flower turned out lovely!

  2. Marcie says:

    OMG this is too adorable! My husband didn’t know what fondant was until we started shopping for wedding cakes. Now he likes to pepper it into conversations anytime someone mentions cake 🙂

  3. GlamKaren says:

    Loving your talent and the baby cake is adorable! I am not sure I could tackle this cake making challenge to look so fabulous – might need to keep buying my cakes!

  4. this is beautiful! I do not have the skill to replicate this, but I have a good friend who might be interested in trying this out!

  5. So beautiful! I totally would love to learn to use and work with fondant. You can just do so much!

  6. CoCo says:

    Way to go! I find fondant really intimidating but the way to decorated the top, it seems super easy like even I could do it!

  7. terristeffes says:

    This is fantastic. Be careful of the quality of the pudding. Some puddings will make the cake extra tender. Your cake is beautiful.

  8. Belle says:

    Oh my! Your cake turned out really good! I’ve always wanted to learn how to do it; you make it seem very easy to do!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  9. I love this! It is so cute! I wish I had that skill! Mine always turn out horrible!

  10. This is so adorable! I don’t think mine would turn out nearly as nicely as yours did.

  11. I love fondant! I have not mastered it quite as well as you though! I think i just don’t have the patience amid so many kids running around! haha. This cake is truly amazing though, i wish i could have a bite!

  12. Amber Nelson says:

    Fondant is so hard to work with. You definitely make it look easy though. Love that cake!

  13. You’re so talented – the cake turned out beautiful! I tried making a fox cake out of orange fondant once and it was an absolutely disaster, it’s so difficult to get it right! x

  14. Lydia says:

    This is such a pretty cake! I love the bright and shiny pink fondant. I don’t think I’m talented enough to make such a nice looking flower, though haha!

  15. Wow this looks incredible. It turned out so good, very beautiful. I cannot decorate to save my life. I would love to be able to do something like this.

  16. Ashley LaMar says:

    How cute!!! I’m terrible at baking or using fondant but people like you make it look so easy. It’s gorgeous.

  17. reesann723 says:

    This is just beautiful! Cake decorating is a skill I never had and wish I did! Fondant is so fun to play with!

  18. This cake is absolutely adorable. I am a gardener and I love baking so I really think this is perfect 🙂 I really wish I had the skills to do this myself with fondant!

  19. As a military wife who could barely handle her busy schedule I am truly glad I came across your post. Red velvet cake plus cream cheese frosting sounds heavenly! I will try this out!

  20. Marisa says:

    You truly have a talent… it looks so beautiful. I wish I could be this creative. Thanks for sharing.

  21. valerie jane says:

    Looks really nice! I have struggled with fondant a few times, to get it right without creasing, so I just do Icing now. It’s way too sweet for me anyway.. 🙂

  22. This cake is so cute! I love the little flower on top! I’m horrible at anything cooking related but I love to look!

  23. This is so cute! Mini cakes are so fun. I’m so impressed with that flower topper!

  24. thefashionableaccountant says:

    This is an adorable cake! I love small cakes because I can never eat a full one before it gets all dried out lol.

  25. Jessica says:

    That is so cute I don’t usually do fondant cakes just because my husband hates the taste of it so I usually just do boring icing cakes

  26. Kiwi says:

    Super girly cake! I love it and I used to want to make cakes and fondant is always fun to play with!

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