My husband was shocked.

After being an iPhone user since the iPhone 3, am I really jumping the OS ship and riding the Android wave?

The answer is…yes…for now at least.

What would life be if you did not try something new?

The week-end right after I listened to a replay of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s introduction of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus, and iPhone X, I accompanied my husband to Best Buy. He needed to find a computer part to fix his ageing PC. I stumbled upon the cellular phone section, an area I often ignore since I was blissfully satisfied with using Apple’s smart phones.

But then, in the corner of my eye I spotted a teen playing with a phone that resembled the iPhone X. That could not be. I could have sworn this would not even be available until the latter part of October. So what was it doing in the store? And why is the screen so vibrant and bright that it was drawing me to it.

And like a moth to a flame I gravitated toward the phone and then realized it was the newly released Samsung Note 8. Up close it was even more impressive to look at. The screen was so big that thought the overall dimensions of the phone was bigger than my iPhone 7Plus. I brought out my iPhone to compare. No way.

The are the same size! But the screen of the Note 8 make it look more impressive!

But big screens are not enough to make me switch. It had to be a feature that I rely heavily on as a blogger-on-the-go. And this was simple the camera feature. I was already happy with the iPhone 7Plus. There were a few areas I wish it could be better, but I tolerated it for a year so it was doable. But when I took a snapshot of an item at the store with both the Note 8 display model and my iPhone 7Plus, I was surprised with the result! The Note 8 definitely showed more detail and better color. And the selfie camera? Oh….let’s just say after taking selfie shots I started to rethink about my love for the iPhone.

I went home. I read a bunch of feature stories and reviews. And I watched too many techie videos that I would end up dreaming about it!

And the verdict? I said I was not going to do it. I even wrote it on my Happy Planner journal with the title, “Reasons why I am sticking with my iPhone.”

Then the following day my husband and I decided to make it a Satur-date. We went to Treasure Island Flea Market, had lunch at our favorite Antoniks’ food trucks (oooh their BBQ fare! But that deserves a post of its own!), and then decided to spontaneously visit the outdoor shopping stores of Emeryville. While walking around we spotted the T-Mobile store.

Now my husband never liked his Samsung Galaxy 7 as much as he loved the Galaxy Note 7. He was torn when he had to give up that phone because of the exploding battery mishap. And I also knew he was salivating on the Note 8 as much as I during our Best Buy visit. So I edged him on. I told him I read so many great reviews on this phone. He should at least check out with T-Mobile if he can now qualify for an upgrade with our current phone plan.

Turns out he was! And he was ecstatic! Yes, he loses out on the payments he already made on the Galaxy 7, but that’s just the way it is. I know he would be happier with the Note 8.

When the T-Mobile  Rep was helping him transfer his files and contacts, I was in a corner eyeing everything with envy. I was the one who wanted that phone. Why can’t I get it? But there was a voice inside my head that whispered, “You already wrote out your reasons in your journal.”

But I wasn’t listening to that voice. Instead I called the attention of the T-Mobile Rep and started asking questions. I am on the ‘Jump On Demand’ plan. Do I qualify if I switch my iPhone 7Plus to the Note 8? Turns out I was on a better position than my hubby. Why? Because my plan allowed me to ‘jump’ to another brand new phone with zero downpayment but with a slight increase in my monthly payments. Technically my plan is a ‘lease’ with an option to buy later. What I lose out on are the lease payments I already made with my current phone and I would begin on a new lease with the Note 8. But the T-Mobile Rep said, “put it this way, Jump On Demand are for customers who like to try out different phones without the worry of paying the phone in its full cost upfront”. Hmmm…good point.

Sign me up!

Yup, with my husband’s astounded look of surprise and a bemused grin of the T-Mobile Rep, I brought out my iPhone 7Plus, in all its pristine condition (no joke…I kept that phone looking as if it was brand new!) and said I am switching for realzzzzzz.

On the ride home, hubby was elated with his new toy. He started tinkering to connect the navigator to the car’s bluetooth. I, however, was particularly silent and deep in thought.

Did I just really do this?

OH MY. What about my OS apps? What about the connection to my Apple Watch? And what happens to my workflow when I work using my iPad Pro 12.9? What have I done?

Then I take out the Samsung Note 8 again and turned on the screen. I started scrolling and clicking at the pre-loaded apps. I turned on the camera. I took a picture. Then I gave a big sigh.

It may appear like this decision was a whim. It may appear I have not thought this thing through. But I did my research early on when I considered the Note 8. And despite my earlier journal entry I do believe in my heart I made the right choice. If I were going to switch phones I would risk it to try the Note 8. This gadget simply excites me.

I can figure it all out later about my apps, workflow, etc. It’s all good.

And if it makes me miserable in a couple of months, the advice of that T-Mobile Rep echoed, “that is why you have a Jump-On-Demand plan…you can jump when it does not feel right.”

Certainly no loss, but brownie points for trying something new.

So Samsung and Samsung users give me all the tips you have to maximize this Note 8! I intend to saturate every info and trick I can get while I am on the Android bandwagon!

What are your thoughts?

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