When I got engage the first thing I did was go to the bookstore and stack my arms with Wedding Magazines.

Since it was an off-the-shelf purchase, the lot of five wedding magazines cost me $40.00. That was a hefty price tag considering a subscription would cut the cost by at least 75% off retail.

But I was excited and so a mere $40 bucks was not a big deal. I was sure there would be plenty more wedding items that would put a much bigger dent in my finances. So why worry?


Once I flipped over the magazines and got through the advertisements and honeymoon travel suggestions, the sections where it truly mattered, like receiving wedding inspiration and getting great advice was a really tiny portion of the publication. I felt jipped and that was not okay.


I was always captivated by the Topiary. So I asked two of my close Aunts (Maricel and Maite) to design a centerpiece of roses in a topiary. I don’t know what I would do if it were not for their help!

In fact, I had since purchased several books and more specialized magazines that provided the needed resources.

My wedding was set in a winery/vineyard, so I was able to have a indoor candlelit ‘barrel’ room wedding ceremony (think of Monica and Chandler’s wedding ceremony in ‘Friends’), a vineyard outdoor cocktails and photography session outdoors, and then a romantic indoor dining. It was a little bit of both.

Looking back on the experience as my first foray into wedding planning, I wish I had someone give me the expert tips and advice. But since I do not plan to have a wedding again, the best thing to do is to play that adviser role and refer my readers to the best resources out there.

Such is the case with The Knot Outdoor Weddings.

If you have your heart set on an Outdoor Wedding, then this book is a must have purchase for you!

Inside The Knot Outdoor Weddings are amazing photographs coupled with fantastic advice and ideas for an outdoor wedding.

It has 288 pages in a full of 8 x 10 dimension that displays fantastic wedding spreads and resources that will help you plan the big day! You will love the display of different outdoor venues, gorgeous blooms, and real-life wedding scenes.

And what to do once you are done? Keep this gorgeous book as a coffee table item so you could peruse it once in awhile and still be inspired for any outdoor special event you may want to do!


Looking back on my first foray into wedding planning, I wish I had someone give me the expert tips and advice. But since I do not plan to have a wedding again, the best thing to do is to play that adviser role and refer my readers to the best resources out there. Such is the case with The Knot Outdoor Weddings.

Here’s some more info on this book:

Title: The Knot Outdoor Weddings

Author: Carley Roney and the Editors of The Knot


The romance of an outdoor wedding is undeniable.

In any outdoor setting—beach or backyard, vineyard or mountaintop—the couple has unlimited opportunity to personalize their day and create unforgettable ambience. The 50 real weddings featured in The Knot Outdoor Weddings were inspired by twinkling lights and cityscapes, fresh herbs and countryside farmers’ markets, shells and the sea, mountain peaks and endless vistas. . . . These gorgeous celebrations reveal the keys to making the most of your setting’s natural beauty, while infusing it with special, meaningful touches that are all your own.

The Knot Outdoor Weddings also includes location-specific planning advice for the details of your event, such as attire, color palettes, stationery, menu, and favors, as well as considerations for perfecting your plan B and keeping guests comfortable in any weather.

36 Responses to The Knot Outdoor Weddings

  1. Amanda Love says:

    This sounds like a great resource for those planning their wedding. I was like you, I picked up magazines, ordered samples of invitations and went all out. This would help a lot of new brides out.

  2. Shefluential says:

    Oh wow! Lots of info. When my husband and I got married, we chose to elope! I cannot imagine having to plan a wedding. Too much stress!

  3. Robin Rue says:

    My sister used the Knot a lot when she was planning her wedding 2 years ago. She found most of her wedding resources (like her photographer) on there.

  4. My daughter is recently engaged and I’ll have to share Knot with her. They want to have an outdoor wedding and I think it will be just beautiful.

  5. I had the Knot wedding binder when I got engaged the first time. Very handy to have 🙂 I love their resources.

  6. While there is NOTHING more romantic than an outdoor wedding, I can’t help but worry how often weather ruins one. Unexpected rain, heat, cold, unless you are fortunate to live in a climate that is more steady than mine!

  7. The Knot is such a great resource for weddings. I know many brides-to-be who have used its resources with much success.

  8. Ana De Jesus says:

    if I ever got married I think it would be outside. The beauty of mother nature would make the perfect backdrop to a special day!

  9. Vicky says:

    Tis the season for outdoor weddings! When the weather cooperates, there is nothing prettier!

  10. I used The Knot WAY BACK when I got married in 2002. I bet it has evolved dramatically since those primitive days!

  11. Rebecca says:

    What a great resource fro couples planning to marry. We chose to have a simple house wedding when we married years ago.

  12. tp keane says:

    wow this book really is fantastic. Wish I was getting married again lol. Maybe for a renewal.

  13. Elizabeth O. says:

    Wedding planning is never easy! It’s nice to get all the tips and the resources you can so you can plan properly and without hassle. This sounds like a huge help!

  14. This looks like a great resource for planning a wedding. If I knew then what I know now I would have an outdoor wedding.

  15. Roxanne says:

    I’m so old that The Knot was a new thing when I was planning my wedding! Ha, ha. I didn’t have Pinterest then. I want to plan my wedding all over again just for the fun of picking out pretty things! 🙂

  16. Your wedding sounds beautiful! I sadly was so busy before we got married that I didnt spend a lot of time planning my wedding. One day I’ll get a do over.

  17. This looks like all sorts of amazing! I love the Knot, it is such a greta wedding resource!

  18. I agree, magazines provide very little substance anymore. All ads. Books are the way to go!

  19. Lori Felix says:

    My daughter should be getting engaged soon so I’ll have to tell her to buy “The Knot Outdoor Weddings” afterwards. My stepsons’ wife to be bought a few wedding magazines and she also said that they don’t offer much for the important topics.

  20. Kathy says:

    I think these wedding books are amazing. I flipped through some of them once at a book store. Sounds like it’s a great wedding resource.

  21. Whitney S says:

    I think this could be a great resource to all of those in the midst of wedding planning!! Any help or inspiration is great during that time!

  22. Mauie says:

    I already know somebody who would really love this book. thanks for featuring it!

  23. Ryan Escat says:

    This is nice, I am still thinking of a nice wedding theme for my and my wifey. I like outdoor weddings!

  24. Nicole Escat says:

    Wow, the book seems like a good one. I love outdoor wedding ideas, what I didn’t like about them is the unpredictable weather.

  25. Rosey says:

    Sounds like a great resource. I like that you can get location specific advice too.

  26. It sounds like such a fun resource that I would have loved to have had for my outdoor wedding!

  27. The Knot always has great Ideas for wedding I am always looking on their website. They are a really great spot to get wedding or even events Ideas from.

  28. RonRon says:

    Great book specially for couples planning to get married soon. Thanks for giving us some sort of preview about its contents.

  29. Melissa Bernardo says:

    Sounds like a great resource for planning a wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I loved the knot when I was planning my wedding. I think it is awesome they came out with a book, that would be an amazing resource!

  31. The Knot is great. My best wedding advice is get someone to pack you a to-go box from the reception food to take back to your hotel that night…I learned the hard way that you don’t eat at your own wedding and there was tons of food left over we could have had to snack on.

  32. Great resource for planning an outdoor wedding. I think having an outdoor wedding would be so much fun to plan.

  33. Wow! Sounds like an awesome resource for brides to be! I’ll have to remember this for my sister. 😉

  34. Eileen xo says:

    It is amazing how many resources are out there now for people. This looks like a fantastic assist for any bride planning her wedding.

  35. beccadorr says:

    I definitely felt the same way when I was engaged — all the magazines felt like a waste! But The Knot has always been a good one!

  36. Peachy A. says:

    It’s perfect that you are sharing this book at this time when many couples aree planning for their wedding!

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