Previously I shared my first ever KCON experience and needless to say I was thrilled to attend!

Part of the reason is the exposure to Korean beauty products. I have friends raving about them over the years, but apart from a Tony Moly Luminous Aura CC SPF 50 cream my younger sister gave me (from one of her haul as a former Magazine Editor-in-Chief), I have not really tried anything else.

Fortunately, KCON had a beauty block section and I got to see tons of brand I had only heard about.  Among the featured vendors is MEMEBOX.


I have never heard of them before. However, I was drawn to their array of beauty and skincare lines, from facial masks, brush sets, and a whole array of makeup! And although I am not really one to get something without doing any research, they had these pink square boxes full of goodies at a steal of a price!


My friend, Ruth, and I circled the MEMEBOX booth several times but decided to check out the other shops before committing to a purchase.

But on Day #2 of the conference Ruth asked me what I thought of the clay facial mask set they had on sale for the attendees. I told her that based on what I saw I thought it was a really great deal for the kind of product they offered. I still had a huge jar of clay mask at home so I probably would not purchase one. However, if I did not have any inventory I would not hesitate to get one.

When we returned, they only had one of the clay facial mask sets, and I immediately told the MEMEBOX attendee that we are getting it! I did not want my friend to lose on a great buy!


Then I chanced upon another MEMEBOX set they had on display. It was full of eyeshadows, lipsticks and glosses, mascaras, and more. Referred to as the XO MEMEBOX, they are the in-house cosmetics line  made in Korea. They follow the latest Korean beauty trends and are described as “taking inspiration from the iconic looks of spotted on Korean celebrities and all over the streets of Seoul.”

I inquired about it and they told me they just started selling them. Sold separately they would cost nearly $300, but as bundle it would only be a fraction of that price. 

Now, how could I pass that up? How could Ruth? We both ended up getting a box each!


On my fourth return to the MEMEBOX counter, I saw they had another box on display with more makeup goodies worth over $200. It contained different shades of eye shadows and lip products, so I decided to make a second buy.

All together, I have unboxed 17 I’M MEME Eyeshadow palettes, ranging from the matte, shimmer, and glitter lines.

They have fantastic neutral and bold hues that are rich in pigmentation and they feature stay true and long-lasting powders. One of the highlights is their ability to blend easily.

The eye shadows are offered at $12 each.


I was also excited to see that I scored 4 lipsticks and 4 lip tints and liquid lips. The colors were bold and bright. I usually stick to neutral, pink and peach shades for daytime wear.


I was thrilled to see that the lip products are non-drying, long-lasting, and offers full coverage. They also have argan oil, rosehip oil, and manuka honey extract. Sold separately, each lipstick  and liquid lip is $16, while the lip tints are $14 a piece.


My loot doesn’t stop there. I was delighted to see full-sizes of the I’m Meme Concealer, which is lightweight, yet has a powdery finish on the skin. It is said to provide medium to full coverage, but infused with Aloe Vera leaf and Oatmeal extracts to prevent any caking or dry patches. This is priced at $9.

I also got the I’m Meme Cream Blush. This is a blendable creamy blush that has a strong pigment, but gives a bright and shimmery finish. I got the Selena color which is just perfect for my skin tone! This is offered at $10.


Two other products in my box that made really happy are 2 pieces of the I’m Meme I’m Pro Mascara and the I’m Eyeliner and I’m Eyebrow pencils.

I use Mascara a lot, but I tend to be very picky. It was great to know that the I’m Pro Mascara has a special triangular brush that is infused with rich fibers to ensure the extra length for each lash strand it colors. It is also fortified with Vitamin E, Collagen, and Keratin. This is priced at $13.

The eyebrow pencil has a long-lasting and budge-proof formula. I have the brown color, which is my preferred hue. Fortunately it has a twist up eyebrow brush in the end to blend in the color. This is priced at $9.

I also love the eyeliner because it is not only budge-proof, but waterproof as well (yay! no racoon eyes!!!). It is placed on a retractable case with a built-in sharpener. There is also an elastic eyeliner brush at the other end. This one is priced at $12.


And so there it is! My Korean makeup beauty box from MEMEBOX. I definitely have my year’s worth supply!

But will I stop there? Certainly not!

There are tons of goodies offered at the site, from botanical masks, cleansing sticks, pony effect makeup serums, makeup primers, peeling gels, and many more!

Do check them out, and if you want something you might as well take advantage of their KCON discount offer of 20% off. Just use the code KCONXMEMEBOX! Hurry because this special ends in August 2016!

36 Responses to Unboxing MeMeBox

  1. Looks like you got so many fun goodies!!!

  2. GlamKaren says:

    I totally need a budge-proof eyeliner. Gah! I will check this brand out (never heard of them before) and this service. What an amazing deal – I mean, I cant believe the goodies you got! Jealous.

  3. That’s a lot of makeup in a single box. It looks like you totally scored with that purchase!

  4. I’m not much of a makeup girl but this box looks awesome. Any beauty lover would be happy to have it.

  5. Elizabeth O. says:

    WOW! That’s a lot of loot, and to be honest I’ve never seen a box that full. I think it’s great and it’s worth the price as well. With that many products, how can you say no.

  6. Liz Mays says:

    All of those Meme Box Sets sounded amazing. They really include some incredible products in these boxes!

  7. Heather says:

    That’s a lot of eye shadow to try out. How awesome. I need a new green shade.

  8. Nicole Etolen says:

    Wow, this is my kind of box! I love the items here, I also like the theme of this box.

  9. I want to have it Meme Box too! There is a lot of surprises! OMG!

  10. Amanda Love says:

    With all these items, I’d say it’s totally worth it! There’s just so much that you can use and it’s perfect for the ladies who love make-up. It’s a great deal, really.

  11. Ana De Jesus says:

    This is the first time that I have heard of Meme Box but how brilliant is this? I would love everything on offer especially a clay mask.

  12. Nikki Wayne says:

    I like those eye shadow boxes, look like floppy disks! Great items in a box!

  13. I haven’t heard of this box, but it seems like you get an incredible deal for what you get in the box! I am definitely going to look into it.

  14. Iris says:

    Great items for 1 box! I’m totally in love with Meme Box

  15. I love Memebox. I haven’t ordered one in quite sometime, but now I’m thinking I need to get another one. I discovered such great skincare items from the last one I tried.

  16. That’s such a huge amount of beauty products lol. I’ll have to check this company out.

  17. Wow! you got a ton of suff in there, That’s pretty incredible. I’ve never heard of this box so I’ll have to check it out.

  18. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Look at all of those goodies! That looks like an awesome deal for that haul.

  19. Robin Rue says:

    I definitely need to check out these boxes! There looks like so much good stuff on their site.

  20. RonRon says:

    Lots of goodies! Love it! great products to try and review soon!

  21. Carolyn says:

    I need some new make up big time. These looks so fun, love the packaging and the colors.

  22. I’m not a makeup person but this definitely sounds like you guys had a lot of fun picking stuff out!

  23. OMG!!!!! Look at all this makeup!!!! This is one sweet box! This makeup junkie wants it all!!!

  24. Kristen says:

    I know a few people who would just love this!!!

  25. Oh my god I want it all. I adore makeup. lol

  26. rosepetalsinthesea says:

    I have never seen a subscription box company, especially a beauty subscription box company, offer so many goodies in one box. That is impressive! – HilLesha

  27. Meme Box has a great things inside that box! I’m really sure that those are great to have.

  28. I’m a fan of anything Tony Moly. I bet these other Korean products are as good.

  29. Rosey says:

    if there was only one clay box left, I’d have snagged it too. 🙂 Looks like a great box.

  30. katie smith says:

    Great another box I really want. Thanks for the discount too.

  31. Brittany says:

    Wow you really get a ton of great goodies in one box! I can’t believe they sent you all those different eye shadow colors.

  32. Keri says:

    Awesome! Seems like you were a kid in a candy store learning about all of these products.

  33. Lisa Rios says:

    We have so many subscription box these days & the MeMeBox sounds like a wonderful stuff with some great products related to beauty & skincare. The box almost covers everything you want for a perfect makeup set and this is really worth spending!

  34. Nikki says:

    You got quite a fantastic makeup haul! I love the variety of shades in the eyeshadows. They let you express yourself with whatever mood you’re feeling that day.

  35. Krystal says:

    I’m basically going to need all that eyeshadow. What an incredible haul! Fun colors too.

  36. That is one full packed box What a great selection of products. Looks like a good purchase.

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