Stylish+Geek’s Pinterest Boards is a repository of inspirational images she hopes to emulate in her lifestyle.

It never fails that whenever I access my Pinterest account I get a sense of pleasantries. It is the same kind of feeling when I browse my favorite store, Anthropologie, and I am in awe of the stylish mix of fashion, accessories, home decor, and books!

But with Pinterest I get a whole lot more. From the galleries of photographs of every single aspect of lifestyle, one can certainly find a picture that is a catalyst to fulfilling a goal or taking a step to completing a challenge.

This is how Pinterest serves my purpose – as a tool to curate all sorts of inspirational boards that keeps me in check when I have an ambitious objective. By seeing what others have accomplished I am able to push myself to see if I could do the same.

Such is the case when I was indecisive to transform a small guest room into my ‘creative, crafts, and home business’ office. How could I possible fit everything that I wanted to do in such a tiny space? As it turns out there were thousands in the same predicament. Yet, as demonstrated by the images they ‘pinned’, they were able to accomplish this feat by showcasing exactly how to create stylish yet productive interiors in minuscule square footage. I created a board from these visuals and called it my ‘Crafts and Office Room‘.  Within a matter of months I completed my task and couldn’t be more happy with the results! By creating my own ‘Mommy Cave’ I found energy and pure joy in my hobbies and home business.

Now I am not stopping there! I have a few goals in mind that need inspiration, and thus a new collection of Pinterest Boards. Check them out:

My Tea Time Board

From the moment I stepped into the English Rose tea house in downtown Pleasanton, I was smitten by the Victorian ambiance and the experience of an English Tea PartyIt is absolutely delightful to try different flavors of tea on lovely fine bone china tea sets and taste the accompanying delicacies, such as scones, curds, petit fours, and sandwiches! I returned a few months later and celebrated my birthday with my college girl pals, and I came back a few more times with my tea-guru and close friend, Tet. 

Since then I have started collecting vintage English tea cups (will tell you more about this in a future post!) and started learning how to make dainty finger foods. Creating my Pinterest board will help me see if I can host my own tea party by using my bone china collection, serving the favorite teas I have tried, and baking the pastries I have learned to make. It is also a fun excuse to get my girl friends together! Hopefully my Pinterest Board on Flowers and Bouquet will help me create a charming ambiance.


Home, Garden and Decor Board

Very few friends knew but one of the college majors I was keen on applying was Interior Design. In fact, when I finished my undergrad, I was contemplating on whether I should apply in the basic course program of the Philippine School of Interior Design (it was also a stone’s throw away from my the condo residence I lived in). I suppose it made sense that this would be an interest. My Mom is a property-developer. I have seen hundreds of corporate and home interiors as I was growing up whenever I joined her in her project-site visits. However, this dream did not materialize because I became busy with my budding broadcasting career.

Nevertheless with today’s vast number of interior design apps such as Houzz, Behr ColorSmart, Home 3D, and Home Interior Layout Designer, and a myriad of home style magazines, catalogs, and blogs, any person can try their hand at designing their own abodes. I have certainly taken up this challenge with my home. Although my family and I have settled in since moving three years ago, everything is still a work in progress. I created a Home, Garden, and Decor Pinterest Board to help me narrow down the style and aesthetics from the many ideas I had in mind. It is looking like I love a modern, yet comfortable ambiance with lots of color.


Fondant Cakes

I have three fondant cakes to my belt since starting my baking hobby. To move my skill to the next level I challenged myself to do tiered cakes and add some floral accents or fondant-molded figures. What better way to get some ideas on designing my cakes than browsing through thousands of fondant cake images!

An example of how a community shows camaraderie in social media is when ‘Pinners’ share a recipe or tutorial of the cakes they love. That is just incredible! In the past one had to scour baking books or leaf through the small number of cake magazines just to get inspired. But with the social tools available to everyone today it is not that difficult nor expensive to hone your pastry skills (read up on my ‘How to Bake‘ for tips to get started!)! With that I have created another board called ‘Baking Tutorials‘.

Not being satisfied with just cakes, I could not help but create a board called ‘Yummylicious Cuppies‘. They are so pretty that I think my sugar cravings are satisfied just by looking at them. It is obvious this is one of my favorite boards. And yes, with that I hope to be inspired to make some fondant cupcakes too. I am particularly fond of anything that has a tea pot or a flower.



So there you have it…a peek into the Stylish+Geek Pinterest Boards. If you haven’t tried Pinterest, I highly recommend it. It’s very easy to set up – just open an account, start doing an image search, and pin away!

Let me know if you have your own boards! Would love to check them out!

32 Responses to Using Pinterest as Inspiration Boards

  1. I could get lost for hours on Pinterest! It is my go to for everything from fashion to decor, to recipes! I love creating new boards and seeing what others are pinning.

  2. Hmm, I have a “let’s travel here” board , one for geocaching and some early childhood activities. Actually I have a lot to be honest with you! I use pinterest more for my own personal interests so they are all over the map. LOL!!

  3. I will check out your Pinterest for sure, your pictures are beautiful!

  4. I definitely use Pinterest for inspiration! When I started thinking about putting together a nursery for my baby, I searched Pinterest for ideas and created a board with all the different possibilities.

  5. …Running to Pinterest to follow your boards…seriously, I don’t know if you know this but I am a tea person. As in I have NEVER had an entire cup of coffee in my forty years of life (sips, tasted it, don’t like it) and cake…oh my gosh…ALL THE THINGS cake. It makes me sooo happy. I blog about it a lot LOL. I love this! Your photos are gorgeous, thanks for the inspiriation…ahem, “Pinspiration”

  6. When I first started using Pinterest, I also used it as a way to create vision & inspiration boards. I found it easier then going out and buying a bunch of magazines. There is so much great stuff to find out there.

  7. Jenny says:

    I love creating boards on pinterest, although i havent been on there much lately. All great inspirational boards you have there!

  8. Sarah Bailey says:

    I hadn’t though of using Pinterest as mood boards what a great idea – I need to start this ASAP. x

  9. Mandy says:

    I’m a Pinterest addict and I definitely use it for Inspiration for everything! From how to organize my wardrobe, to home decor, to recipes.. literally everything.

  10. Pinterest organization is not my best suit. I really need to get on my account and do some work. I was pinning the other day and realized I need to consolidate some of my boards. Your Pinterest is beautiful. I gave me some good ideas for better organization.

  11. I love Pinterest but don’t spend much time to create new pins. Your pinterest account looks good

  12. Liz Mays says:

    These are awesome boards. I’m going to have to do some browsing. I haven’t really used Pinterest for decoration inspirations before.

  13. I have so many things in my crafts and recipes board you’d think I would be a genius at it now but I think I spend more time pinning than trying though. Haha

  14. This is yet another great way to use Pinterest. So much inspiration and many ideas all in one place.

  15. Courtney Gillard says:

    Oh, what a nice idea. I am so fond of Pinterest, and this is going to be one of the things that I want to do with it.

  16. Wow, you sure do pin some beautiful images! I love the tea time board and that home improvement board is inspiring!

  17. Kathy says:

    I think that’s such a great idea. I really need to work on Pinterest more. This would be really nice to do. I love that you have such beautiful imagines shown too.

  18. I love getting inspiration from Pinterest. I’ve actually been thinking of getting a personal account separate from my blog, just so I could pin more stuff that wasn’t relevant.

  19. Girl I’m obsessed with Pinterest! I love how you use it to actually accomplish tasks and not just for meaningless scrolling! I’d love to see a post with pictures of your craft room and the tea party you throw! FUN!

  20. I really need to get more into Pinterest. I know often times when I google something I like, it pulls Pinterest up. I have many friends who are on it every day, and get such great DIY ideas from it.

  21. Elizabeth O. says:

    Pinterest is one of my favorite websites because you can draw a lot of inspiration from the different posts there, from renovating to travel, it has basically everything you need. It’s definitely useful.

  22. This is a great idea! I use pinterest to catalog ideas and things that I want to remember to do and/ or make!

  23. I absolutely love pinterest and totally use it for all the same purposes! Totally a motivator for me to get my creative hat on and make some magic happen.

  24. Oh, what a nice idea to use Pinterest, I haven’t imagine of this but I will surely try!

  25. Rebecca says:

    Pinterest is still something I haven’t completely got yet but I do lvoe looking fro pretty Tea sets and recipes there. I must check out your tea time board i have a friend who would love it I’m sure.

  26. Kiwi says:

    I been Pinterest obsessed since 2011!! I have so many boards and great references for when I want to pull for inspiration it has given me so many ideas over the years!

  27. I used Pinterest once in a while but never really tried to fiddle with the network as much. I totally love your boards and collection. Everything looks posh and chic! Got me inspired to giving my pins a little more push. 😉

  28. Lisa Rios says:

    Pinterest has become a major resource in Social media marketing & they provide great results for sure in bringing more traffic to your website. These are some great tips on creating boards on pinterest, a resource that will help many around.

  29. mythirtyspot says:

    You’re boards are so pretty, I agree that the boards are perfect for inspiration. I have so many for different events I have done. Nice to keep track of eveything I like to inspire me. – Erin Kennedy

  30. Adriana says:

    Pinterest is SO great for so many things – I have a ton of inspiration boards! I love your pins!

  31. Roxanne says:

    There is something that feels really special when using china for a tea party. I know my girls and I love to have special tea parties with their nana’s china and dainty finger foods. 😉

  32. i got once in my life addicted to fondant cakes, they look so nice and pretty and relaxing for me specially gifs on how to make them i use my pinterest to discover recipes and save them or travel bucketlist

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