I use my Happy Planner to scrapbook special events.

A few days ago I was scrap booking and journaling the memorable events of August 2017 (i.e. Road trip to Oregon and KCON 2017), when I realized I only had a couple of months left in my Happy Planner. 

Whoa! Seriously???!!!

I actually started a planner and finished it from beginning to end!!!

This may sound unusual to some of you, but I never finish a planner in the past.

I would get excited at the start of the year but then it would fizzle and I would neglect the planner after several months. Not that is my intention. I just wasn’t diligent at it. I would resort to using post its, my iPhone, or my memory to plan out my day.

But ever since I started using the Happy Planner I felt the motivation to fill the pages. I would find time (which usually means cutting my sleeping hours!) to do my reflections of gratitude, contemplate on my goals, and journaling the special events.

Not really sure why but the only thing I can attribute it to is that it is much more fun with the Happy Planner.

For the Week-to-Week Pages I write down Project progress, gratitude journal, accomplishments, and many more. This page summarizes what I completed that week.

Why is that?

It may have to do with how the creators of the Happy Planner and its hundreds of thousands of planner followers have set up the overall planning process. And it is simple really – BE CREATIVE. 

Use stickers, use scrapbook cards and colorful paper. Use an assortment of gel pens, the brighter and bolder the hues the better. Draw, sketch, doodle, and if you’re fancy show off your calligraphy.

There are no boundaries to how you can creatively express yourself. However it turns out it is going to be beautiful, and best of all it is all you. You did it. In your own personal and unique way you showed off your creativity!

And if you are looking to share ideas or get some, just look up the hashtags #HappyPlanners, #MAMBIHappyPlanners, #PlannerGirl, and many more on social media and you will get a mirage! The Happy Planner community is encouraging, empowering, and best of all it is full of happy people!

With this anything goes planning mindset, I no longer follow a structure of going through month-to-month for overall important dates, week-to-week of to do lists and jotting down of appointments.

The Happy Planner motto is BE CREATIVE. Use stickers, scrapbook cards and colorful paper. Use an assortment of gel pens, the brighter and bolder the hues the better.

Nope. I use my Happy Planner for what works for me.

I know the most practical scheduling tool I have are still the apps on my iPhone.

My Outlook keeps my work calendar together and COZI (will post more on this later) keeps my family tasks, events, grocery lists, and appointments in sync. There’s also EXPENSIFY app to track down my blogging business and personal expenses. I am a gadget girl after all, so I definitely make use of tried and tested software applications.

So how do I actually use my Happy Planner?

I use it for all the things technology cannot seem to give me. Month-to-Month I jot down my blogging editorial calendar and social media interactions. It gives me a great overall view my posts.

For the Week-to-Week pages I use a variety of topics:

  • Projects for the Week
  • Tasks for the Week
  • Weekly Expenses Summary (base on the tally given by EXPENSIFY)
  • Health Journal Summary – a statement or two of a self-reflection how I did against my health and wellness goals
  • Weekly Accomplishments – an anecdote of what have I gained, learned, or experienced that week
  • Statement of Gratitude for the week
  • Ideas for Upcoming Blog Posts
  • Brainstorming area for general ideas
  • Then additional Inserts would be a weekly summary of my COZI Family calendar and any add-on scrapbook page on anything special that happened that week (travel, birthday celebration, conference, etc).

One of the pages of my Hobbies Tab contains a list of all the K-Dramas I have watched.

As you can tell from the above that it is mostly a weekly-plan, with no specific day targeted to accomplish my tasks (since I already use my apps for that).

I will also add Extra Tabs in my Happy Planner. They are:

  • GOALS tab – this contains pages of my set goals for the year, from my health, career, home, family, and personal. I approach this section in a technical manner. I formulate the goal using the S.M.A.R.T. System. I will reflect on the Why’s (I may even use fishbone diagrams), and use more pages to brainstorm how I can break down the goals into simple achievable steps.
  • HOBBIES tab – this contains what are my down-time interests. From compiling a list of the K-Dramas I have seen, to the books I have read, and to sketches I have done in my iPad. I may also add picture cutouts of the succulent arrangements I made or a collection of things I curated from Antique and Vintage Shops
  • VISION Board tab – Pages in this are are cut-outs on anything that inspires me. It can be a trip to Seoul Korea, a Home Design project, or an entrepreneurial venture.

Here are some of my pages that curated a list of books I own in my home library:

How about you? How do you set up your planner? What works for you? 

25 Responses to Setting up my Happy Planner

  1. What a fun planner! I could never really get into the decorating of my planner, any further than using highlighters and colored pens. I feel like it’s too cluttered, for my OCD. But, I always love looking at others who do this.

  2. Your Happy Planner looks like a great concept, fun, pleasing. I have never completed a planner either. I just might if it were a Happy Planner. I need somewhere to write the books I want to read later and the movies also.

  3. theclutterboxblog says:

    I have never been able to use a planner, it’s always not where I need it when I need it, so I tend to stick to my phone, but I seriously love the amazing things people come up with and how beautiful they can be!

  4. I’m with you/ I would start every year off strong and want to become more organized by using a planner because I write everything down anyways but I would fall off by march or so. Maybe I should look into the Happy planner. I’m willing to try anything haha.

  5. Jeanine says:

    Fun planner! It’s great to have a planner to stay organized and prioritize things. Great for busy schedules and cute to decorate!

  6. Lori Geurin says:

    This planner is so upbeat and quirky – I love it! It seems like it would be perfect for the crafty type of person, which, unfortunately, I’m not. My teenage girls would love this though.

  7. Karen Morse says:

    I SO love planners that you can customize to your lifestyle. It’s definitely going to make it more fun to use. I love how you used yours and how you designed it as well! It’s so adorable and fun!

  8. I’m not really that creative when it comes to planners but I do have my own style. I love how much it helps me keep track of things, not just meetings but pretty much everything! I also like what you’ve done with yours!

  9. What a creative and beautiful planner. I have been toying with the possibility of doing one. I guess my iPad has replaced a lot of books for me.

  10. The Happy Planners are so much fun! I love all of the fantastic accessories to decorate and make your planner pretty.

  11. Stefanie Davis says:

    Really cute! What a great, fun, and personal way to stay organized throughout the year.

  12. Shalama Jackson says:

    Really cute planner. I use both an electronic and hard copy one because I have this things about writing things down.

  13. Ruth says:

    OMG! I am so happy I came across your site!!! I missed writing and scrapbooking!!! Now I am motivated to make fun things with my planner! Thank you!!!

  14. I love how you suggested topics to share in a planner. I love being organized, but sometimes I forget to include certain things, like the expenses tab.

  15. Planners start out so well but mine always seem to fade. I think that one is a great way to organize yourself and I like planning with paper and pen.

  16. angela@marathonsandmotivation.com says:

    I need to organize my planner! I love the way your is set up…these are some great idea!!

  17. Our Family World says:

    That is a pretty planner. It really helps you focus on future goal and having a glimpse of the week that passed – all in one glance. Fantastic!

  18. Eileen says:

    You did personalize your planner really well. I love the stickers and the splash of color. What works for me though is an online planner/calendar. I need access to it anywhere I go, on my phone, tablet or laptop. so I opt for an online planner instead of a physical one. I do take with me a small notebook that I use as a journal, if in case I need to write something down.

  19. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I love how colorful your planner is. The stickers are so cute. I like pretty planners too, but I somehow fall off towards the middle of the year. I hope next year I can stick to it on all 365 days.

  20. I’m totally the same in that I never seem to complete a planner. I get lazy after a few months and end up wasting the planner. Glad you found one you loved so much!

  21. This is so cool!! I have never heard of a Happy planner but I love the idea, yours looks really cool!!

  22. Rosey says:

    Having a planner can make all the positive difference. I have one for work and I’d be lost without it.

  23. Krystle Cook says:

    I have always wanted one of these planners. They look like they have everything and more!

  24. That looks like an amazing planner. I admit, I am a planner *JUNKIE*. I am bookmarking this post so I can look into it further!

  25. I just started my own happy planner this month. Best decision I ever made

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