intelliArmor’s 4-Port USB Charger offers a smart, practical, simple, and easy solution!

I love smart solutions.

You know, the type that is simple, practical, easy, and makes a big impact in its convenience.

Such is the case with intelliARMOR’s 4-Port USB Charger. With the average charging peripheral coming to 4 pieces, who wouldn’t be tired of packing away multiple chargers? It is annoying and inefficient.

Because I travel both in my career and in my personal business, and I do my work on-the-go, I really cannot be bothered worrying about these things.

I already pack a ton by carrying my tablet, smart phones, cameras, etc. The least thing I need to worry about is if I also packed the wall charger.

Fortunately I have been given the opportunity to give intelliARMOR’s 4-Port USB Charger a try!

I had a couple of business trips to Boston, Massachusetts and Sylmar, California. And usually I would lug around a large pouch that houses all my USB cables and the corresponding wall chargers. It weighs 2 lbs. and I carry it with me in my hand bag so I can keep charging my gadgets while I am at the airport.

But this time I brought just the intelliARMOR’s 4-Port USB Charger. I immediately felt the ease of use. I could charge 4 gadgets at fast speed and I did not have to hog more than one charging station! This is terrific!

Needless to say with the intelliARMOR’s 4-Port USB Charger I found a really easy solution. Having just one device that has four fast-charging USB ports that recharges my devices at maximum speed certainly lightens the load I have to carry whenever I travel.

Now that is a smart solution!

If you’re interested in intelliARMOR’s 4-Port USB Charger I have a 20% discount code that you can use ‘SmartPwr‘. Give it a try! You’ll love it, I promise!

Disclosure: I received this product for my personal and honest product review.

16 Responses to Smart Solutions with IntelliArmor 4-Port USB Charger

  1. This is a great charger. We used this one on our vacation this summer and it was awesome.

  2. What a perfect stocking stuffer! I want one, can you send me the code? Thank you. Great idea!

  3. Yes! I agree, we have one of these and they are so useful, especially when travelling. Between us we have 2 phones, and 2 ipads so being able to charge them all is amazing! Definitely recommend!

  4. Amber NElson says:

    This would definitely come in handy at our home. We have so many things that need to be charged.

  5. Rebecca says:

    This would definitely come in handy at our home. We have a half dozen things plug in at one time.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I think my husband just bought this! We have 5 iPads in this house and 2 phones and it is a pain to keep them all under control with the chargers and this helped us.

  7. Paula says:

    Looks like a helpful product. We always seem to be losing a charger or the cords, and it looks like this would help keep that under control.

  8. evakidminds says:

    I think this charger can not get any smaller! I am constantly impressed with the speed of technological innovations. It took people 2,500 years to invent a wheel and now there seems to be a new gadget every day!

  9. reesa says:

    I really need one of these! THis would be great on press events too! Thanks for the review!

  10. RonRon says:

    Such a nice little gadget for us. Thanks for this. WIll try to look for this at the nearest tech shop.

  11. this is perfect. I need to get this for my son, he would have a lot less to carry.

  12. Debra says:

    This is amazing! We have so many devices to charge all the time it seems that it would really help to have something like this!

  13. Terryn says:

    Apparently I need to get this. My husband and I are having such a hard time keeping things charged lately. Thanks for the review!

  14. Whitney S says:

    This is very cool! I don’t have anything like this, but I have a portable charger that I keep in my purse, so I can always charge my phone!

  15. Sara Buckner says:

    I already do have a couple portable chargers but it’s always good to have some extra ones just in case! Especially when your’re traveling!

  16. That thing looks great. It always seems that we never have enough places to charge our devices nowadays or can’t find the attachment.

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