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When Rachel Zoe’s The Zoe Report came up with their own subscription box offering two years ago, aptly called ‘The Box of Style’, I was able to resist.

The price was $99 but it guaranteed that the items would cost at least $300. Paying 1/3 of the price, not a bad deal at all. Yet, I hesitated. I wanted to wait and see how the curation process went and if subscribers were receptive to the selected items.

The feedback was generally positive.

There were hats, sun glasses, tote bags, jewelry, and fashion staples, such as a stylish and comfy cape, that reflected Rachel Zoe’s bohemian chic.

But whenever I would say “Ok, I am going to give them a try”, the box of style given at a particular season would be sold out. It would happen so fast. So I would have to wait for the next one, which comes in the following quarter.

But not every box of style is something I would covet.

I recall seeing this Spring 2017’s offering, which had a tribal print bag, a candle, BKR glass bottle, nail polish, a scarf, nail polish, and a pair of earrings. They look really nice, but I decided to pass. I was not keen on the handbag and I already had a BKR glass bottle.

@Image by The Zoe Report

I had a similar sentiment with this past Summer 2017 box. It had a kimono, large sunnies, sunblock, necklace, lipstick, and a straw Panama hat. They were cool pieces, but I had too many similar items already.

And finally I get an alert that they have two spoiler reveals for the Fall 2017 box. I immediately checked it out.


A leather cross-body bag that converts into a laptop case. AND it has a beautiful dark navy blue color with a striking tassel! AND it is made by Gigi NYC, a premier New York Handbag designer. Oh wow! The retail of this piece is $195.00.

And then the second reveal is a pair of La Soula rings with two diamond accents on each side. These rings are made to be worn as a stack or to enhance the other rings in your finger. They are easily adjustable. They retail for $176.

If you are not familiar with La Soula, this is a quintessentially chic yet affordable line of diamond jewelry by designer Kimberly DeTomasi. Famous Hollywood celebrities and Singers, like Jennifer Lopez, Chelsea Handler, Carrie Underwood, Selenis Leyva, Morena Baccarin, Victoria Justice, wear her line.

Both items alone cost $371. Whoa! And yet there are 4 more items in the box. That means the Fall 2017 Box of Style will be the biggest and most luxurious box yet!

Did I get one?

Of course! And guess what? It is nearly sold out already. The Box of Style allows you to select the color of La Soula ring you want (Silver, Rose Gold, or Gold). Both the Silver and Rose Gold are already sold out with only the Gold remaining. I personally think any color would do. It is actually very stylish to wear mix metals on your fingers.

So I finally became a subscriber and I could not be more excited! My Box of Style ships out this month! So do expect an un-boxing post very soon!

Here are some pics from The Zoe Report. What do you think of this season’s Box of Style?:

And here’s Rachel Zoe’s video telling you more about these first two items (remember there are 4 more items in the box but they have not been revealed yet):

Do you think you will want to subscribe?

If so, here’s some great news too! Stylish+Geek is now a Rachel Zoe The Zoe Report Box of Style Affiliate!

Click this link to SUBSCRIBE TO THE BOX OF STYLE and use coupon code bos20 to get $20 off your first seasonal membership to the Box of Style.

What happens if you want opt of the membership? No worries! The seasonal membership allows you to cancel. More details on this here: http://boxofstyle.thezoereport.com/faqs/

29 Responses to Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style

  1. robin rue says:

    I am loving that clutch. I think the color is really cool and it would make any outfit you paired it with pop!

  2. Although I love subscription boxes, I tend to like the cheaper ones. (I’m cheap, lol) I do love what you’ve shared about the box, but I’m not sure that I could pay $99 for stuff that I wasn’t sure I would be receiving.

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      I know. Which is why I resisted actually for several boxes of this that came out since 2015. I love that they preview a couple of items (which is the bag and the rings). From that alone I was sold where to put my $79…hehe I had a $20 coupon, remember? Such a deal 🙂

  3. theclutterboxblog says:

    OMG I love love that bag. I have never heard of this box and I would totally sign up if it was something I knew I would love. That’s usually my issue with subscription boxes I don’t always love what I get and it feels like a waste.

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      What is nice is that I am not committed to subscribing every season. I can opt out if I want to. I love that they preview the most expensive item so you get a chance to really decide whether it is worth it for you.

  4. Jeanine says:

    The clutch/laptop bag is a beautiful color! I love it! That’s not a bad deal to get some high end products that you can definitely use!

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      I have an iPad Pro which is 12.9 inches. I was sold on this bag because it doubles as a stylish laptop/ipad Pro case! It is leather and comes from a reputable designer GiGi NYC 🙂

  5. Karen Morse says:

    Rachel Zoe definitely knows how to make sure you get your money’s worth with the subscription boxes that she sends out. I think these are wonderful items, loving that clutch/purse!

  6. Okay, that convertible laptop bag is a stroke of genius! Those subscription boxes look like great purchases. If I only was an accessories person!

  7. This seems like a great box. The items are adorable and the price is great for what you get. If i had some extra cash I would probably be all in on this.

  8. I’m going to try it! I used your code and the box was $79. They were sold out of the rose gold rings, though. 🙁

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      You go girl! I know. Even I was not able to avail of the rose gold rings. But overall I love that I got the yellow gold rings because nowadays it is all about mixing metals…and so I love to mix this with my existing white gold and rose gold items 🙂

  9. How did I not know this was a thing!? I can’t wait to try it! I love her and the bag looks absolutely amazing!

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      Do give it a try! With my coupon code that brings your first box price down to $79 you can’t go wrong! They just had an unboxing and the total value of the items are worth over $520! WOW! paying only $79…that is a steal!

  10. I have to admit i never do boxes but this one seems especially good. I would love the clutch and so many other things in this box.

  11. I can’t wait for my box. That clutch looks incredible. I’ve actually loved and used every bag that has come with the Box of Style. I’m just about ready to take my stuff out of the spring bag and get ready for fall.

    • Stylish+Geek says:

      That’s incredible! I missed out on all the other boxes. Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style is always sold out. In the past boxes I missed out on a watch, custom bags, long silk scarves, etc. But so glad I finally got this one!

  12. Rachel says:

    That is a fancy subscription box. I like that everything has a lot of pop and personality.

  13. I am a clutch fanatic, and that purse is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful purse that can be worn literally with anything. I honestly didn’t even know that Rachel Zoe does subscription boxes, but this is FAB.

    Thrifting Diva

  14. Courtney says:

    I just love subscription boxes!!!! Looks like this box is pretty fabulous! I will have to look more into it!

  15. What a beautiful clutch! I love the blue color and those rings are great fall accessories!

  16. Amber Nelson says:

    Now THAT Is a box! Wowsers! I see all kinds of boxes out these days and this one looks like one I would really enjoy!

  17. I need this subscription box in my life! I would love to have everything that came in this one.

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