The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

Book Title:Β The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe

Author: Anuschka Rees


The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe is a 270-page, full-colour guide to building your best wardrobe yet, featuring everything you need to know to discover and refine your personal style, overhaul your closet, and learn how to shop in a smarter, more thoughtful way.

You’ll find all of author Anushchka Rees’ favourite tips and techniques (including lots of new, book-exclusive ones), step-by-step instructions, creative exercises, pep talks, infographics and lots of beautiful photographs shot by the lovely Anna Rose and Kelly Puleio.

Stylish+Geek Review:

I was getting very excited each time I turned the page of Anushchka Rees’ The Curated Closet. Why? Because she and I have the same philosophy when it comes to our collection of wardrobe. ‘Edit. Edit. Edit.’

How many times has it crossed our minds that we have a closet full of clothes, but we become absolutely clueless to finding the appropriate attire to wear? Unfortunately this question crosses our minds in the most inopportune time – when we have to go to party, when we have a job interview, when we have to meet someone important, and the list goes on!

But make no mistake. This book does not tell you what the wardrobe essentials are. There is no list of ‘must have’ items.

Instead, Ms. Rees gives you ideas on how to ponder over your personal style. Just exactly what is it? And can you exude this with confidence with just a few pieces of your wardrobe?Β 

Some of the helpful hints she gives you is to put up a mood board and express what your personal style would be. Or write out what is it about your personal style that interests you? This way you can introspectively think about what really defines your own fashion expression.

So who would benefit from reading this book? Just about anyone I know! It’s a fabulous read and you’ll do well to get in on it since it is the start of the new year!

Have you read the Curated Closet?

74 Responses to The Curated Closet

  1. I have not read the book. I tend to just go with the flow on what I like on the hanger myself. I’m certainly not fashionable trending type of gal.

  2. GlamKaren says:

    I own this book and LOVE it…and even did a post about it too! Its so full of amazing ideas that are authentic to help figure out what to wear.

  3. This book looks really useful! I could really use advice on how to pull my style together more.

  4. Amber Nelson says:

    I think I could really learn a lot from this book. I am so bad at style. I need help!

  5. I am very intrigued by this book! I know I struggle with my style. I haven’t ever sat down and defined it for myself. I am a creature of what’s in the stores.

  6. Loving all of these pieces, I wonder if I would ever benefit from something like this haha. I see the benefit to some people for sure.

  7. lisa says:

    I so need this in my life! I was just standing in front of my closet today, trying to figure out where to start and what needs to go.

  8. I need to read this book! I am clueless about style, and I certainly don’t know about clothing and editing.

  9. This makes me so excited for spring! These are so cute and I definitely need to add a few of these to my new spring wardrobe!

  10. Tereza says:

    I’ve read her old e-book (mind it did cost about $20 at the time!) and still have the copy I printed out haha! I’d love to get this one too, even though I’m terrible at implementing everything properly I do enjoy reading these and picking up little bits of advice! x

  11. lovelysilvia says:

    This sounds like a book that I need in my collection like today! So many things that I know will help me in this book.

  12. Ana De-Jesus says:

    You are right, sometimes I get panicked trying to decide on something to wear, even though I have a lot of clothes. The Curated Closet sounds like a good read!

  13. Heather says:

    I haven’t seen this before! But, I definitely think I would benefit from it. I finally went through all of my clothes and got rid of everything I really didn’t use…it left me with very few pieces to put together. Now I am overwhelmed with what I need to buy to replace some of the stuff!

  14. This seems like a great book! My wardrobe needs an update for sure! I typically live in my yoga pants lately.

  15. Jalisa Marie says:

    Looks like a book I would definitely make use of. I finally purged through my son, husband and myself so we will be needing some new stuff for the Spring.

  16. Amanda Love says:

    It sure sounds like a great book, perfect for people who have too much clothes and don’t know what to do with them. I often clean my closet especially when a new season is about to begin.

  17. Jessica says:

    I definitely would love this book. I am already pretty good at organizing and streamlining my clothes but there is always room for improvement

  18. Robin Rue says:

    I really want to check this book out after seeing the review. It sounds like it would be a great help!

  19. cvnxena says:

    I’ve never heard of the curated closet but you have definitely piqued my interest and now I want too!

  20. Lydia says:

    This book sounds so amazing! I have a simple wardrobe (aka the essentials + a little extra) but this book would still be helpful

  21. reesann723 says:

    OH I need to go get this book ASAP!!! I have such a horrible sense of style and could really use some insight!

  22. I love this book! So fun to look through and get inspiration! Perfect for a coffee table!

  23. I haven’t read this book, but it sounds like something I’d enjoy as I just cleared out my closet, and put my summer clothes into storage (first time!). Definitely putting it on my reading list!

  24. Sarah says:

    I love this. One of my goals this year is to get myself a wardrobe built up- with adult clothing! haha

  25. The Everyday Mom Life says:

    I haven’t heard of this book. I’ll have to check it out so that I can get some insporation though.

  26. I have not read the Curated Closet, but I think I need all the help I can get. Not only do I have trouble figuring out what to wear…I need more space and organization in my life too.

  27. The Cool Mom says:

    I haven’t read this book, but I like the concept. I know I’m always looking at my closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear.” haha

  28. HilLesha says:

    With springtime lurking around the corner, it will not be long before I start “editing” my closet! I have never read this book before, but I do have similar books.

  29. Elizabeth O. says:

    I clean out my closet every season! Especially since i don’t like seeing winter clothes during the spring or the summer. It’s a lovely book and it will definitely teach you how to be more organized.

  30. kaitr27 says:

    I have heard amazing things about this book, and I really need this for my closet. I always feel better when my life is more organized, and my closet is a great place to start.

  31. Nikki Wayne says:

    my sister loves to read books and i love watching movies haha lol. i should share this post to my sister!

  32. Ave Hla says:

    This sounds like marvellous book to read! I struggle with my wardrobe, so The Curated Closet would be a perfect book for me!

  33. I haven’t read the Curated Closet, but is sounds so interesting. My style is pretty eclectic, but I always love learning new tips for ensuring I have what I need for every event.

  34. You’re right, there are times I struggle on what to wear with so many clothing in my closet. I certainly need a curator and this book sounds great as a starter.

  35. I would love this book. My closet is such a shambles when it comes to clothes. I have clothes that I have had for years in there and will never wear again, but I just have a hard time letting go of them. If I could get my closet straightened out, then maybe my husband could use it too!

  36. chei says:

    Oh i will now check this book! Im sure this book is great!

  37. Wow this is a book? Seriously ai Didnt know I was expecting a look at a wardrobe or something, shows how much I know about fashion lol!

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