The day after Christmas meant down with the holiday decor! Sorting through these vintage pieces (my family have kept our decor for over 17 years!). Do you spot our lovable caliby cat? He loves to inspect everything!

I feel like I should have written this post days ago and published it on the last few hours of the year 2017, but near the eve of the New Year.

But I didn’t.

Because believe it or not I was incredibly busy, too much so that I did not have any time for blogging.

How so? Well, for the longest time in probably over 14 years I have managed to snag a one week staycation from work during the Christmas holidays. Our company does not do holiday shut-down days, where everyone is out and there is absolutely no work. But since we were acquired by a larger company, this changed things. Everyone was asked to take the days off between Christmas and New Year.

Now my family could have planned a fun out-of-town trip. But with my siblings and parents already spending the November month and Thanksgiving with us, we thought the best thing to do is just to stay put. Enjoy our home, enjoy our cats, and catch up on sleep!

OR do some housework! Well, at least that was my bright idea….but no one else in our family had the same sentiment.

Oh well. I did not fret. I still wanted to do as much housework as I possibly can. It would set up my 2018 motto which was to de-clutter and to simplify.

So I started out with clearing our Christmas decorations a little early. Usually I would do this right after New Year’s. But I had my paraphernalia up since early October (yes…I know…I am one of those that do not wait for Thanksgiving. I figure if I will put in so much effort I might as well enjoy it for at least 3 months) and I was already itching to put my home back to it’s very basic state.

Because the Christmas decor is usually stored inside our ‘under-the-stairs’ hallway coat closet, I decided to start sorting this area as well. I probably removed 1/3 of its contents. I decided to start a donation pile and the first ones to go are all the holiday decor I rarely used. Next were the broken luggage and unused bags. And third were coats and cover-ups that did not see the light of day in ages.

Our TV console/shelf area is one of my favorites. It houses my vintage Philippine magazines (right where you see the LOVE sign), some of my favorite home design, cook books, Shel Silverstein children’s books, and a few art books, a whole shelf of our family photo books, and ceramic artwork from our first trip to Baja, from my daughter’s first ceramic creative arts class, and cookie jar from a painting event. There’s also an array of wooden pieces that I have sourced through our family travels and from antique stores.

And from there the decluttering ball kept rolling. I cleared out our family library, removed old magazines and books we would not read again. Then came the Living Room area, Masters’ bedroom, my closet, and finally the Stylish+Geek Office.

If you follow my Instagram stories you would probably wonder why in the heck is this lady doing so much housework on her vacation? Well, I did not feel so bad after I saw the story of Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines, who was busy clearing out her huge attic. Ha! I am a total fan and so stoked to be in the same mode!

One of the epiphany in this cathartic activity is when I cleared out half the clothes in my closet.

I was completely flabbergasted to see that I had actually come down about 4 to 5 sizes. The outfits I stored from at least ten years back, pieces that I did not have the heart to give away and kept wishful thinking they would fit me again….well they FIT ME AGAIN! Unbelievable! To go on that Keto diet on Sept. 1 and just continuing that as a healthy lifestyle change truly worked wonders. And if you are wondering how much pounds I lost. I do not really know. It was never about the weight. It was to be rid of the pre-diabetic state. What I do know if that I have a perfect excuse to buy some new clothes.

But I will not go crazy on the shopping spree either. I like the fact that I have lesser clothes hanging in my closet, but a better visual inventory of the pieces I have. Same thing with my accessories. I have lesser bags than the previous years. I have sold some and given a few. Some of branded labels I have passed onto family. What I have now is a varied assortment. And since I have become obsessed with the well-crafted Italian-made Senreve bags, I decided that from now on it is definitely great quality over quantity.

The Stylish+Geek office is my haven of a hodge-podge of every single creative interest I hold dear. From blogging, photography, digital design, arts and crafts, DIY project, knitting, sewing, crocheting, scrap-booking, and many other things. Took me nearly a day to de-clutter and organize this office. I emptied the shelves from all sorts of fashion, craft, photography, and home design books and have transferred them to the library. I made space on the shelves to display my Senreve bags (if they are not in use they will be displayed!).

The last cleaning project was the Stylish+Geek office.

Goodness this took nearly a whole day! I have to admit that in every nook and cranny of my home I try to keep things to a minimal and absolutely very organized and functional. Except my home office. Here is my haven of a hodge-podge of every single creative interest I hold dear. From blogging, photography, digital design, arts and crafts, DIY project, knitting, sewing, crocheting, scrap-booking, and many other things, the Stylish+Geek office was the one place I can have a multitude of things and not feel bad about the clutter.

Except that towards the end of each year, the Stylish+Geek office is bursting at the seams. Just too too TOO many things. They are not organized. They are just all over the place.

And for me to start my 2018 right I have to tackle the massive project of de-cluttering (to the best of my ability) this home office.

Did I succeed? YES! Towards the final hours of the last night of my staycation I managed to finish de-cluttering, organizing, and just getting geared up for the new year!

Now I still have A LOT of de-cluttering to do. There’s still my vanity area, the kitchen, the husband’s office (OMG!) and the teen’s room (double OMG!!!).

And after my home there’s de-cluttering of my mind to get me on the wellness path (meditation I welcome you back!), and the de-cluttering of my heart (to make sure my emotions and energy and well spent on people, places, and things that really matter), and so much more de-cluttering!

How about you? What self-improvement are you doing this new year?

28 Responses to Welcome 2018! Time to Declutter and Simplify

  1. I usually declutter every spring, and this year more than ever I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve already been mentally thinking of where to start.

  2. robin rue says:

    I just did a pretty big decluttering right before Christmas. I have a lot more to do, but I will probably wait until spring time for that.

  3. We usually de-clutter in shifts of the year: before Christmas, and again in the Spring.

  4. Di says:

    Last January I completely culled my closet and donated about 1/3 to charity. When I put everything back in I put the hangers the wrong way around and once worn I’d put the items back the right way. It;s amazing how much we DON’T wear! Throughout the year more went. Feel much freer!

  5. I’m committed to making my room passably clean by the middle of the month, when I have to have surgery, and then absolutely spotless by August, when I start college! Lots of decluttering in my future.

  6. Amber Nelson says:

    I am also working on decluttering! I sure feel good when I get rid of things I no longer use.

  7. Good for you for doing so much during your vacation!! I moved a few years ago and it caused me to give away almost 90% of our stuff and I have been doing my best to not buy it all buy now that we are settled. It’s a great feeling being organized!

  8. I need to declutter so badly. I kind of started the other day and then gave up but my home office is in such need!

  9. Shandy Kaye says:

    I usually declutter my stuff on weekends, And I gave my no longer use to my cousins or sometimes I’m donating it.

  10. Shoshana Sue says:

    I love the peek look of the home office. I wish I could see a bit more of your home office. I declutter whenever I feel I need to and that is a lot of time in a year lol. So glad to hear that your company got to shut down between Christmas and New Year.

  11. rememberkimverizonnet says:

    I hear ya on that. My holiday stuff is still out and it’s making me crazy!! I’ve got to de-clutter soon. Great advice here.

  12. kimmieklewis says:

    we did a lot of decluttering in our house the other day! I always have the hardest time making myself do it but when we are done, I feel so fabulous!

  13. We have been decluttering out house this week and it feels so nice! WE got rid of a lot of junk food from the pantry, and clothes that don’t fit, toys we don’t need. I just love getting rid of stuff.

  14. Rachel says:

    I had such plans for cleaning and purging over break this year. I had the full 2 weeks off of work and no real plans. Then every single person in my house got sick and nothing has gotten done.

  15. Christina says:

    This is something I always enjoy doing at the beginning of the year to start with a clean space.

  16. Molly Kumar says:

    It was great going through your experience of decluttering. I just did some for my clothes and it was quite a task. I love your idea of clearing up Christmas decoration early, as we usually start clearing them towards the end of jan (it’s so hard to pack those cuties).

  17. Sarah Bailey says:

    I really need to try and declutter I always seem to get so many bits over the year and when a new year comes I try and think about getting rid of bits.

  18. momknowsbest15 says:

    I need to declutter but I avoid it. One day I will get a hold of my clutter

  19. I’m in major decluttering mode. Christmas brought on so much extra stuff accumulated in my home and I just really need to get rid of old things that are no longer being used and donate them. I feel so much better when my home looks spacious and organized.

  20. angie says:

    organizing something I get better yet every year. It is also something that needs an overhaul the beginning of every new year. I simply love those shelves so super cute

  21. Marissa Zurfluh says:

    My husband and I did a bit of clearing and decluttering as well. I love getting extra time to get things done.

  22. Wendy Polisi says:

    I went into a major clean out mode last week. We had a pretty free week and I was in the mood to make some changes, ha!

  23. I’m really wanting to start decluttering this year. I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by stuff. It will be nice to get rid of some of it.

  24. You did great! i always try to clean and rearrange things a bit for the new year – this year I focused on my living room. It’s amazing how getting rid of a bit can make things feel brand new.

  25. Natasha says:

    I so need to be at the place… of decluttering for this year! It gives you such an awesome feeling of accomplishment plus a peacefulness when you look at the areas that are decluttered and organized. You did awesome!

  26. I like a clutter free space. I’m on top of it in the community areas and my space.Tackle my girls room once a month. However, I would love to get to my husbands office it totally drives me crazy.

  27. I’ve been doing this too, something about a new year that makes you want to simplify and declutter. We have taken about 15 bags to a charity shop so far.

  28. There was so much I wanted to do in 2017 that I just didn’t have time to do so. Hopefully this year the decluttering will help me focus.

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