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Blogger: Cara Wong

Email: [email protected]

Reminiscing the past 5 years….

In the Spring of 2007 I decided to join the blogging craze and create ‘The Boo Journals’ (Boo is my nickname). My very first entry was a personal prose entitled, “How’s the Weather Up There?” This was a feat for me because I am a private writer. I had been exercising this medium since my formative years. But I was always afraid to have an audience. I even penned a young adult novel in a composition notebook. I only had one reader – me.

When I found out blogging was not as daunting as I thought and it was not too terrible to have actual readers, I renamed The Boo Journals and converted it to a book review blog entitled ‘Candid Thoughts’.  This time I incorporated advertisements through affiliate marketing. I probably earned $50 in a span of one year.

And then I started to get more confident. I decided to move my blog over to and pen a fashion and style blog called Style Sugar. It contained my prudent fashion choices (every piece should not be more than $100), beauty buys and tips, and shopping alerts for great deals. I enjoyed this site and eventually ended the run of Candid Thoughts.  Hence, Style Sugar’s range of topics increased, so I decided to spin it off into two blogs: The Sensible Stylist and CaraOnSugar, which resided on the network.

CaraOnSugar was my most successful blog. It focused on family, travel, technology, book reviews, and other lifestyle topics. I ran this site for nearly three years and I average a range of 7 to 8K monthly pageviews in my analytics. It was also my most profitable blog as I had actual advertisers and pr companies contacting me for blog posts and product reviews, and I received ARC (advance reader copies) of books. The Sensible Stylist had a modest following in comparison with 1K monthly pageviews. So I focused more efforts on CaraOnSugar.

But then, in the latter part of 2011, I began to lose the enthusiasm to write. I was gaining over 10K of readers already by December of 2011, and the ‘hobby’ money and swag was well appreciated. But in an uncanny move I decided to just stop blogging on CaraOnSugar.

However, by February of this year the writing bug hit. But instead of reviving CaraOnSugar, I decided to start from scratch. This time, using the platform, I had a visual blog with minimal verbiage (not more than a paragraph per entry) called The Little Daily Blog. And very few people knew about it. Unlike CaraOnSugar, I did not use Twitter or Facebook to publicize. I also continued writing for The Sensible Stylist but minimized my posts to more visuals and little anecdotes. My reader count was closer to 1.5K pageviews per month, so it was a steady growth.

However, I knew maintaining two blogs was taxing. I had to somehow merge them together, similar to Style Sugar, but not be a “jack of all topics”. It was something I pondered over. How can I blog about my interests when they were polar opposites – one in fashion/style and the other in technology, photography, and social media? Wouldn’t my readers be confused?

This summer, during a wellness retreat in the Philippines, I had an epiphany. Why couldn’t I marry both interests? That is who I am. I love style, beauty, and anything creative because of my background in the fashion industry. And I am an avid follower of technology because of the constantly exposure in my career, my network, and passion for digital photography.

And thus, after 5 years, after 6 blogsafter many trials, flops, success, and learning experiences I have accumulated all my previous entries and merged into one magazine-format blog that identifies my lifestyle and passions. This is it for many, many, MANY years to come. STYLISH+GEEK, a blog name that describes me. Thanks for visiting and spread the word.