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Are Thongs Comfortable? – Choose A Perfect Thong For Yourself

Are Thongs Comfortable? – Choose A Perfect Thong For Yourself

To women who have never been in thongs, it would be a considerable confusion when wearing them. This kind of underwear is not the same as other kinds that you are used to. It is designed to be ultra-thin with a cloth in the front and a small fabric or a thin wire in the back.

With their special design model, are thongs comfortable? Scroll down for more information!

Why Should You Choose Thongs?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this type of underwear has always been debatable from time to time in the history of women’s panties’ fashion. Because of its extremely seductive design, this kind of female underwear is considered indecent or even obscene.

However, it has been selected by many women of all ages for various reasons over the past few years. Many young ladies choose them for their perfect dating nights with their lovers.

Meanwhile, others wear them to avoid visible panty lines. It is undeniable that this underwear has high fashion value when putting the judgments of ethical values out.

Are Thongs Comfortable?

If you used to try on a thong and it brought some dissatisfaction, that thong may not fit your size. And in some cases, its material may be too rough for your skin. There are two main points to choosing clothes: sizing and picking suitable fabric material.

These key elements are also true when selecting lingeries, especially thongs. Whether you prefer Traditional style, G-string, or C-string style, considering its fitting size and appropriate material is crucial for your pleasant experiences.

Finding a Comfortable Thong

As mentioned, the dimensions and the substances of it are really important and decisive for you to be content. So, let’s do some serious research before ordering a thong from sizing!

Find The Right Size

Before shopping for your panties, you must know about your “down there” measurements. You should prepare a tape measure that helps you calculate your hip and your waist accurately.

After being aware of your hip and waist measurements, you can compare them with the underwear size chart to find out which size you belong to. Generally, every brand has its chart; but there is an International Panty Sizing Chart for you, in case you have no idea of any brand name yet.

Choose The Right Material

There are many kinds of fabric for making this underwear.  According to many customer surveys, it is made of cotton, soft nylon, and lace have received the most favors.


Cotton has many advantages when being used to produce lingeries. The physical properties of this cloth are quite soft and smooth, which bring comfort to the wearers. Also, these properties contribute to some of its general characteristics: sweat absorption, body temperature decrease, and quick dryness after being washed.

However, cotton products with a high percentage of cotton create a hard and dry feeling when touching them. So, manufacturers try to mix cotton with other fibers to construct new kinds of substances that would be soft for women’s skin and show up their beautiful curves.

Soft Nylon

For those made of soft nylon, the biggest prominence is the high elasticity. It means that these models easily restore to their first state when being stretched. That’s why their durability is one of a kind.

Moreover, with its glossy characteristic, this material has high aesthetic value in manufacturing thongs, making them the second layer of wearers’ skin.

What’s more?

While cotton fabric absorbs moisture quite well, soft nylon is waterproof, which prevents the moldy state. Though, this special property makes it unable to absorb sweat which may cause heat increase for the users.


Compared with soft nylon and cotton, the superiority of lace one is highly fashionable because of their sparse texture with many holes on the surface. This cloth is usually embroidered with various decorative patterns and combined with many different materials to have an eye-catching look.

Women dressed in lace thongs would become elegant and noble but also full of sexiness and charm. These undies are always the top priority of ladies for romantic nights with their boyfriends or their husbands.

Lace has many advantages, mainly on the aesthetic side. But durability is still a trade-off. This type is easy to tear because it doesn’t stretch. When being washed hard in the washing machine, the structure of the cloth would break and cause deterioration.   

Pick The Right Style

Though there are many types of thongs, the three sorts below are the most popular. Depending on your personal preference of how much cloth on a thong, you can choose the style which adapts you most!


A traditional thong is designed with full coverage in the front and a waistband connecting to the back. This kind is considered as the thong’s construction made of the most fabric.


The G-string looks like a traditional one, but the waistband is more narrow. In some designs, the front of G-strings looks like triangles.


This kind is the most seductive type in the lineup of thongs. C-strings were recently released on the market, but they have surprisingly got significant purchases.

It is not difficult to understand when the C-string is a reckless design with no waistband. Women wearing it can freely dress up with bodycon or cut-out outfits. They will stand out in the crowd with their extra hot look! And no need to worry about embarrassing visible panty lines.


To sum up, choosing a satisfactory thong is somehow like a journey to explore your treasure. You have to invest your time to find out which style is the best for you and fits your needs.

We hope that this post - Are Thongs Comfortable? would help you have an objective perspective of choosing a thong. An appropriate item will not only make you look sexier but also bring you a sense of comfort and confidence!

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