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How To Wash Sticky Bras And Store Them Correctly

How To Wash Sticky Bras And Store Them Correctly

We all know lingerie is an indispensable part of all women’s closets and a sticky bra is a must-have item for every fashion-conscious woman.

When you attend formal occasions like weddings, dates, or any others, an adhesive bra comes in handy. This delicate silicone thing does help to enhance your elegant and sexy look.

In case you get confused about how to wash sticky bras correctly and use them for long, don't miss out and read it to the end to get all the useful tips and guides.

You need to know the right way to wash and store sticky bras to use them for a long time with satisfying performance. If not, then it will lose its stickiness and go useless.

Why Does A Sticky Bra Need Proper Washing?

The first simple reason is that the lingerie covers the body parts that are sensitive, so there must be no bacteria and fungus infections. If you do not wash your bras, it can lead to the growth of moisture. This is a good environment for the spread of bacteria.

Plus, sweating is unavoidable. Our skin releases oil, so it gets dirty and needs cleaning. You never want to put on something that smells, right?

Keeping them clean makes sure one thing is that they will go with you for all the upcoming occasions unless you have to buy new bras over and over again.

Using stick-on bras without cleaning them can reduce their stickiness which in turn reduces their lifespan. Sometimes it may take you to some nightmare: that uncleaned sticky bra can stop sticking and fall out of your clothes anytime. Oops! No one wants to be the main character in that embarrassing scenario.

How To Wash Sticky Bras?

Follow these special care practices below to keep your bra clean and stay sticky:

  1. Rinse the bra, using water. Add a little mild soap or mild detergent to remove all the oil and scum excessed from the bra. If you have a special bra cleanser, using it instead is okay.

    Please pay attention to a thing that is not to wash it with alcohol, bleach, or any other strong washing chemicals.

  2. With your fingertips, apply a small circular motion to the bra. You can also sink your whole bra into the soapy water.

    If there is any dirt left in the sticky section, apply some extra soapy water there and use your fingertips to force it out. Remember to put a little more effort into your hand.

  3. Sink your whole bra into the water. Then you have to stir the bra around in the water and leave it soaked for a few minutes. You can also rub the sticky section on the inside of the cups.

  4. Then rinse the bras with warm water. Remember to rinse both the inner and outer parts for a few seconds.

    Squeeze the cups of the bra to let the stick-on part poke out and hold them under warm and running water to wash away the soapy water and any dirt you have slackened.

  5. If the cups still look or feel not clean yet, you can wash them again until all the dirt is removed. That is the end of the cleaning process.

How To Dry And Store Sticky Bras?

For Drying 

  • After cleaning, let the bra dry on a flat surface and do not face the adhesive down. Let it be there overnight or until it dries completely.
  • If you keep the bra’s original package, you can place the bra there with the adhesive sides of the cups facing up.
  • There is another faster way, especially when you wash the whole bra: hang your bra on a towel rack or hook to dry it.

For Storing

  • Leave your sticky bra in a cool place. It could be in your drawer or wherever you are sure that the temperature will be cool. If you still keep the package of your bra, put it back there and get ready for the next wear.
  • Try to store it on a flat surface, or it will lose its shape, then be out of use.
  • Cover the sides of the cup with a cling film (food plastic wrap) in order not to collect dust.

How To Lengthen The Lifespan Of An Adhesive Bra

Along with learning how to wash sticky bras, here are some extra tips for better long-lasting wear:

  • It is essential to lengthen the life of your stick-on bras while they can still keep the stickiness. You’d better wash your stick-on bra after every use. It will have the ability to work well for the next wear.
  • If you don't wash your bras after every use, wash them from time to time to bring back the cleanness.
  • Do not use a machine during the washing and drying process. It may ruin your bra.
  • Avoid using anything but your fingertips to wash the adhesive surface. Any sort of cloth or other materials may damage it.


We know that nothing lasts forever, but at least you can stretch the lifespan of your sticky bras. And the secret for long-lasting wear is only by cleaning and storing them perfectly.

So, if you are the one who uses adhesive bras frequently and has to buy them very often, it's time to give it a try to those instructions mentioned above. You may get out of the strain of buying new ones every now and then.

That's everything about the question: how to wash sticky bras. And we also reveal all the necessary factors that are important to make your sticky bras last longer than you expect. Hopefully, you will find this post useful.

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