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What You Might Have Never Known About Underwear For Leggings

What You Might Have Never Known About Underwear For Leggings

You are a fashion lover and want to have a good experience with your leggings. However, a problem arises right after- leggings are tight on the cheeks and will inadvertently leave unflattering contours. These lines make leggings lose their aesthetic and sometimes make you so embarrassed that you don’t want to go out.

Don't let this issue stop you from wearing knee-highs. We will provide you with all the information regarding underwear for leggings and recommended options. Scroll down for more info!

What Underwears’ Qualities Are Best For Leggings?

Good underclothes must ensure the wearers that they meet certain standards. These requirements become even more stringent for those who want to combine panties and buskins.

So, what qualities should buskins have? These three criteria below are the properties for choosing the best suitable panty worn under your outer clothes.


Material is the first factor that users care about when choosing underclothes for tight pants. Besides providing a good feel to your skin, the material also plays a big part in hiding the hem of your panty when you pair them with buskins.

The most popular material is cotton - an extremely soft and durable fabric. Mesh and lace undergarments are also trending because of their breathability and fashionability.

If you feel that the three materials above do not suit your taste, then spandex and nylon will be two options that you should try. They are famous for their good elasticity and non-irritating to the skin, which can give you a comfortable day of movement.


Visible panty lines (VPL) are a problem no one wants to encounter when wearing buskins over undergarments. These lines will adversely affect your outfit and make you shy in front of people looking at you.

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Therefore, undergarment with bonded edges without showing any seams will be the most worthy choice. Openings in the waist or leg should also have good elasticity.

You cannot ignore one more tip when choosing underclothes for buskins with the criterion of not revealing the lines. The seamless panties will surely meet your needs.

Underwear Style

Based on the development of fashion, underclothes also appear with more and more models and designs. In this criterion, choosing underwear for buskins depends on your preferences!

Let's determine if you prefer high- or low-waisted lingerie. Then make a choice for the extent of coverage. You'd better consider whether you want to cover all of your cheeks or something bolder to accentuate your curves.

Underwear Styles For Leggings

So, what underwear to wear with leggings?

After researching the problems associated with buskins, we have concluded that three types of pants are the most suitable. You can freely combine them with tight pants to experience the most comfortable feeling without any problems.


Thong is a perfect choice if you look for bold and seductive lingerie.

Thongs bring charm because they can accentuate the contours of your body. In addition, thongs are available in a variety of patterns with unflattering seams. That's why you can completely take away your worries about VPL when wearing thongs with tight clothes.

One note when you wear buskins over thongs is that this kind of pants that are too tight or have a transparent color will expose the panty’s lines. Therefore, choose this outer garment with comfortable stretch to combine with thongs for the best results.


Bikini is a type of underclothes that everyone must have come across. Aside from its popularity, it's reasonably priced and, like many other benefits, has the ability to hide lines when worn under knee-highs.

The softness of the bikini material will make you feel more comfortable than ever. Not only that, the ability to hug the cheeks makes the bikini seem not to reveal any defects when worn with tense outfits.

However, there are still many types of bikinis that are sewn with quite thick borders. For best results, it is best to choose bikinis that hide the contours.


Although not as popular as the two types of underwear above, Hipster is one of the ideal choices.

Hipster is suitable for those who love the safety when wearing lingerie for buskins. They are characterized by soft fabric, which makes them hug the cheeks and have quite low leg holes. These characteristics are extremely suitable if you are wondering how an ordinary hipster will affect your tight outer clothes.

Best Underwear for Leggings While Working Out

Choosing underwear for leggings is not just about considering the properties of the lingerie. In addition, you need to consider whether it is suitable for your body or not.

Underwear without VPL would be great, however, consider whether it is comfortable when you are active or not. Sometimes, poor-quality fabrics or small underwear sizes will make you feel cramped and prevent you from moving freely.

When choosing a panty, one note to take into account is the sweat absorption capacity of the undergarment you select. Many people choose cotton, but in some cases, it still does not perform well to absorb moisture, especially the composite of cotton and other fabrics.

Therefore, look for undergarments that are tight to your body and can control moisture by trying it on and trusting your feelings.

It is best to avoid using stretchy ones when worn with buskins. The reason is that stretching will sometimes create wrinkles on your cheeks. To avoid this problem, undergarment that doesn't stretch or stretch poorly would be the right choice.

Some Last Words

Choosing undergarment for leggings has never been an easy task. Thus, before making the final choice, consider the style, seam, fabric carefully and choose a size that matches the measurement of your cheeks!

We hope you have all the necessary info to start shopping for suitable underwear for leggings through the above article. Now, it's time to make the final choice of what underwear to wear with leggings! Good luck!

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